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miller-article1A tip of the hat to the crew at 1320 WBOB for becoming the local home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. The station aired its first Magic game on Tuesday night – a 97-86 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Now, ABC 1320 is the home of the Magic, the Florida State Seminoles and the University of North Florida athletics.

Is it just me or does professional basketball only become relevant once the NBA has its Christmas Day lineup?

However, in my first year of fantasy basketball, I must say that it is the second most time-consuming fantasy sport – only behind baseball.

The Tiger Woods tale continues. I’m betting the number of alleged mistresses is close to 50. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it nears 100.

Why would Tiger go on The Oprah Winfrey Show? I’d decide to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At least there would be some laughs about an otherwise serious saga. Tiger would also have the option of showing off a few dance moves.

Gatorade, a major sponsor of Tiger’s, decided “months ago” to drop marketing for a beverage called “Gatorade Tiger Focus.” I wonder if the decision would have been made “months ago” if the alleged mistresses stayed under 10.

The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau big-wave surfing competition was held for the first time since 2004. The event, which is only held if Oahu’s North Shore has at least 20-foot waves, was won by big-wave surfer Greg Long.

Long scored a perfect 100 on a 40-foot wave with thousands of on-lookers in attendance. Those athletes have so much intestinal fortitude. The biggest wave I have surfed is eight feet. I cannot imagine surfing something five times that size.

Last Thursday, French tennis star Amelie Mauresmo announced the close of her tennis career. The 30-year-old Mauresmo won two Grand Slams and spent 39 weeks as the No. 1 women’s player. I’ll always remember her as a fan favorite at Amelia Island Plantation. Mauresmo, 2001 winner of the Bausch & Lomb Championships at Amelia, never turned down an autograph opportunity – an excellent player with a heart to match her game.

After losing the SEC Championship Game to Alabama, Florida Gator head coach Urban Meyer admitted himself to a hospital Sunday morning. He was treated for dehydration. Is it possible to become dehydrated from crying?

Florida’s defensive coordinator Charlie Strong was appointed head coach of the Louisville Cardinals football team on Wednesday. It is about time Strong was hired to lead a program. However, I find it difficult to believe Strong (or any coach for that matter) can bring in top-notch recruits from the state of Kentucky. Although, Florida fans should be happy – Strong said he’ll be on the sidelines for the Sugar Bowl game against Cincinnati.

I’m torn for the January 1st Gator Bowl between Florida State and West Virginia. I don’t know whether to go as a member of the media or sit in the stands as a fan of Bobby Bowden.

I am already planning where I will be for the World Cup soccer games in which the United States is involved. I’ll be donning my red, white and blue on June 12 for the game against England. I can hear the U.S.A. chants now.

I am really hoping Jacksonville Municipal Stadium has at least 50,000 fans for each of the final two Jaguar home games – the Miami Dolphins on December 13 and the Indianapolis Colts on the 17th.

A Houston Texans’ public relations employee saw the empty seats in the Stadium on Sunday and made a Montreal Expos reference. I tried really hard, but I could not hold in my laughter. Yes, it has reached that level.

The Jacksonville Jaguars (7-5) have won five consecutive games at home. Since the Jack Del Rio era began in 2003, the Jaguars have won five or more home games five out of Del Rio’s seven years.

With football season nearing an end and on a non-sports-related topic, Showtime’s Dexter, in my opinion, is the best television show. Rent it – you’ll be glad you did.


Richard Miller is a national broadcaster for Jacksonville Jaguars’ home games on Sporting News Radio. Additionally, he can be heard on ABC 1320 WBOB in Jacksonville at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesdays with The Jacksonville Observer Radio Show.

Richard contributes to Inside the Game with Robin Valetutto every Saturday from 12-2 p.m.

Currently, Richard is writing David Lamm’s biography entitled Lamm at Large: The David Lamm Story, which will be available in 2010.

You can e-mail Richard at Richard.Miller@jaxobserver.com

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  1. TIger's story is truly sad. I hope those trysts were worth a billion dollars. His only good luck is that his father is not alive to KILL him. His father molded that three year old boy into the greatest golfer to live but left out the "father - son" talk.

    I heard a sports talk radio host ask whether this will change golf as we know it. My answer is "YOU BETCHA." The PGA Tour has already begun construction on a new "WIVE'S GRANDSTAND." All of the other golfer's wives have asked to accompany them to every game on the tour - AND EVERYWHERE ELSE THEY GO. What I term the "Tiger Syndrome."

    At least 10, 11 or 12 women know what will be in their stockings for Christmas - ONE TO SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS.

    My advice to young Tiger: Admit yourself to rehab and call it a drug problem. Start going to church and make serious amends. Give 50 million to build a charity. Then, go out and win a tournament or two.

    And, stop eating at Perkins.