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Jenny Sanford Files for Divorce from Governor

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Gov. Mark Sanford said Friday morning that he takes "full responsibility for the moral failure" that led his wife, Jenny, on Friday to file for divorce.

"While it is not the course I would have hoped for, or would choose, I want to take full responsibility for the moral failure that led us to this tragic point," Sanford said in a brief statement. "While our family structure may change, I know that we will both work earnestly to be the best mom and dad we can be to four of the finest boys on earth."

The complaint filed Friday morning by first lady Jenny Sanford in Charleston County Family Court is brief and accuses the governor of having sex with another woman but provides no other details or discusses divorce issues other than to note agreements are expected to be filed in the matter sometime in the future.

Jenny Sanford announced Friday morning she was filing for divorce "after many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation."

"I am still dedicated to keeping the process that lies ahead peaceful for our family," she said in a brief statement .

She and the couple's four sons moved out of the governor's mansion in August and into the family's home on Sullivan's Island, more than a month after Gov. Mark Sanford returned from a secret, five-day trip to Argentina in June and announced that he had engaged in a year-long affair with an Argentina woman.

The governor said just this week that he still held hopes of reconciliation with his wife. He made the comments the day after a House subcommittee voted 6-1 not to recommend impeachment action against him.

"I remain thankful to so many across this state and nation for their words of encouragement and prayers during this difficult time," Jenny Sanford said in her statement. "Please know the boys and I are doing well and are blessed with the incredible support of friends and family and bolstered by our faith and the unfailing love of our God above."

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