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Diabetes the Cause of Brittany Murphy’s Death?

brittany-murphyWhile the Los Angeles Police Department is conducting an investigation, the cause of death for Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy may not be known for some time.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office will perform an autopsy on Murphy's body, over the objections of her husband. The results of the autopsy may offer some clues as to what triggered her untimely demise Sunday morning.

Celebrity news website TMZ.com reported this afternoon that Brittany Murphy's mother, who found Murphy unconscious in the shower and called 911, told paramedics that her daughter had a history of diabetes.

This could be an extremely important clue as recent studies have shown a clear link between diabetes and an increased risk of health disease and heart attack.

In fact, according to a study released last year, adults being treated for diabetes are just as likely to have a heart attack or stroke or die from cardiovascular causes as people who have had a prior heart attack. The same study also revealed that diabetics are perhaps twice as likely as non-diabetics to die following a heart attack.

"Little by little I think people are beginning to understand the dreadful consequences of diabetes, but we have to do more to make patients aware," Northwestern University professor of preventive medicine Martha L. Daviglus told WebMD when the data was released last year. "It has been considered just another risk factor for heart attack and stroke. We now know that it is much more than this."

There's still no official word yet from Murphy's family if the actress was being treated for diabetes or any other health risk factors that may have contributed to her death.

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  1. All of you fools out there who were sure it was drugs.

    Diabetes ain't no joke, my brother has it and the risk of this stuff is very real!

    Who's gonna apolozie first for attacking this poor girls' good name? HMMMMM?

    • It's quite early to issue any apologies...cause of death hasn't been established...

    • I'm gonna guess she died from heart troubles. I'm gonna say she probably had an eating disorder. Bulimia nervosa, as well as anorexia nervosa are very deadly diseases. which cause extreme heart problems being though she was so young its gotta be.. All in all its very sad that she passed whatever the cause of death I will keep her family in prayers.. Rest in peace B. Murphy 1977-2009

    • I wonder if she died from DKA. I am a Type 1 diabetic but didn"t know it. I started losing weight, and thought I had the flu for a month. Then, I almost died...ended up in the hospital and now have an insulin pump. I started vomiting and went to the emergency room. They said I would have died if I had waited any longer.

      • I was diagnosed with Type 1 45 years ago (at age 2). I have always taken very good care of my diabetes, and with tight A1C's still ended up with proliferative diabetic retinopothy 20+ years ago and DKA @ 5 months ago. DKA sends your electrolytes into a tailspin, and my heartbeat was very erratic. Tight control helps, but plights of diabetics can stil happen. I wonder if Brittany, if she was Type 1, was practicing "diabulemia". Some diabetics reduce or omit insulin in order to lose weight. I hope that's not the case, and regardless of how/why she died, dying at any age (particularly a young one) is still tragic.

  2. There are other causes of sudden cardiac death in young people, like long QT syndrome and other heart rhythm disorders.

  3. I'd say you're the fool. the headline even has a question mark. This woman has been known to be a big time drug user. Fool!

    • She wasn't known for big time drug use dumb ass. She was the one celebrity known to be the good girl, the outgoing, funny, sweet actress. maybe you should read up on your artist history a little more. Brittany Murphy suffered from diabetes and they found NO illegal drugs in her house. She was also suffering from flu like symptoms the past couple of days, and throwing up constantly. All of that put together, weakened her heart strength which caused her death. If I am wrong, then I am. But i highly doubt that I am in this case.

  4. What does it matter what killed her? She was only 32. She has a family who cares.

  5. Who cares how it happened? It still very sad and unfortunate either way.

  6. Deepest sorrows for the actress she is really home now God Bless her Parents and family

  7. I think that for all those to assume things at such a bad time is disgraceful. Have a bit of consideration for such a beautiful great young actress AND HER FAMILY. Yes these people are in the public eye greatly and when this kind of thing happens people are quick to think the worsed. Whatever it may have been it is someones daughter and wife. Would you be slayting that person if it was your own family i think not. Have some thought that person whom assumes it's drugs. Lastly some thought for her family and fans

  8. no1 can do anything shes dead get ova it... get another slutty actress...... LOVE TO ALL XXXX

    • Hey no one obviously care about you fool!!!!!!!!!!

    • I would love someone to tell that to your family when you die. If you're this much of a jerk to someone who died and actually made a difference in the world then I would love to know how many people you've influenced and who actually cares about you. WTF jerk

  9. I think everyone should shut the hell up about the reason for her passing...let the family mourn and stop starting a bunch of nonsense. This was someones daughter, wife, ect....may she please be at peace and allow her family to grieve without all of you ignorant people starting a bunch of crap.

    Angry and disgusted

  10. Who cares she's dead boo hoo hundreds of people die everyday just because she's in the public eye everyone has something to say let her rest in peace

  11. You guys are fucking retarded.

    • What the Fuck!!!!!!! you guys are the lowest low down mother fuckers ever. To post things such as you don't care.... and so forth only means you do not have a heart. Just remember, the words you say from your mouth WILL ALWAYS turn around and bite you in the fucking ass. Dumb mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It could be your mom or sister!!!!

    • Wow, grow up. You obviously are the one with mental issues.,

  12. Omg Thats So Sad, And Wow How Was She A Slut? She Was An Amazing Person!

  13. Well,

    I liked her.
    Why is the world so concerned about if they used drugs or not?
    If this person wasn't an actress. And then she died the same way. No one would be too concerned or all up in her bussiness.

    Funny how fame brings forward complete idiots to flame and talk smack about someone the never even met before.

    I'm a diabetic as well,
    I don't use drugs, but got taken to the hospital with a dibetic attack.
    If no one is around, you are in real trouble. I found myself getting in the shower just like she was doing to make herself feel better.
    Ended up in the hospital 5 days.

    Take care Britney, you hve some people that still care.

  14. Check out the husband. Where was he. Her mother found her unconscious in the shower. What does the husband gain by her death? Her husband is objecting to an autopsy. Is he hiding something?

  15. I hate diabetes, i have it and i know the same fate awaits me too....


    • Jayson just hang in there. While we have no control over how or when we will go, we can do something about the process. Be sure to take your meds as prescribed and on time and eat healty and exercise. You will be okay. I have been a diabetic since age 5 and am now 28 with a load of other health problems. We just have to live in the now. Good luck and God Bless!!

    • im with u Jayson,
      i have type one and 25 years old. had it for six years and going down hill fast. she might of had more problems with her diabetes.. i lost tons of weight and people thought i was dieblamia but turns out my body start to reject the insulin. so now waiting to see whats next for me.

  16. There are some sad peeps about. As i say have some dignity. She's still a person with a family like you or i. Enough said. Just leave it alone. Just remember if the shoe was on the other foot. Just have that thought in mind and leave alone

  17. I have type 1 diabetes. I don't believe that is what caused the heart attack. I think it is suspicious that the husband asked to not have an autopsy...that is the only factor that would lead someone to believe drugs were involved. I think the cardiac arrest is more likely caused by anorexia nervosa. God bless her family.

  18. I think its a shame that our society jumps to the drugs as a cause first off just because she was overly thin and because she was off the wall. She will be missed for her incredible talent and her quirky upbeat personality. I pray for her family and regardless of the causes would you want these comments left in your untimely demise? RIP Brittany you're gone too soon!

  19. Although drug abuse appears to be a strong probability given the recent reports of her behavior on set, increased risk of cardiac death has been reported in the use birth control pills such as yasmin and Yaz. If she was taking this medication, she could have experienced increased levels of potassium leading to cardiac arrythmia and death. In short we should wait for the tox report before passing any judgment. See http://www.thelyonfirm.com for more information on Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella and the risk for cardiac arrest.

  20. Alright you made a commet on britneys death just like the rest of us !anyways she had a really good personality she was a nice person and she loved making people laugh so guess what i am a little shocked shes gone thats what happens when people pass not just the ones in public eye and whoevers name is douchebaglikeher is a retard.

  21. A history of Diabetes..please ....either you have or you don't! Heart conditions are a complication you can develop if you do not properly take of yourself.. I find it more than consquencidiental she died at age 32 with a drug abuse past and her husband refused an autopsy. If my spouse died unexpectantly I would want to know why. Just like an other non guilty person would. I do not think she had children so yuo can rule out Gestational Diabetes...she is not over weight so you can rule out Type II Diabetes..If she was a Juvenile Diabetic and lived the life she did..she is lucky she lived as long as she did. If she is none of the above I would expect an apology. I hate when people use an excuse implicating something they know nothing about or care nothing for. There are many of us to whom try very hard everyday to overcome many of the idiotic enuwendos people stamp people with Type I Diabetes with..You don't truly understand until you suffer from it. It becomes you..every moment is focused on what is my blood sugar. how many carbs are in that...how much insulin do I need NOW? It is constant there is no break so please do use she had a history of Diabetes unless she truely had Diabetes!

    • you tell them, im a diabetic and i totally agree 100000% with you....

    • I agree with you 100% I also have type 1 diabetes and take very good care of myself and work hard to stay healthy a woman with as much resources as Brittany Murphy wouldn't have had such a hard time keeping herself healthy and if she was that thin with type 2 diabetes it would most likely have been resolved by now. These people are using the diabetes as an excuse to make everything look normal as if it is expected to have cardiac arrest just because you are a diabetic. Look at other celebrities such as Halle Berry who has had diabetes for 20 years or Bret Michaels. I really don't appreaciate diabetes being considered because we know that wasn't the cause. May she rest in peace .

      • Also Type 1 here......I agree....there is nothing usual about a heart attack at 32 - diabetes or not. When I first read she was type 2 I thought it was so strange.....I wonder if an eating disorder can trigger type 2.

  22. There is not a chance in hell its DM.

  23. She was anorexic; cardiac arrest is very common among those with eating disorders. I've been struggling with the same thing for years and I've already suffered a stroke. This didn't have anything to do with diabetes. Such a sad loss.

    • Unless you really understand diabetes, dont say it had nothing to do with diabetes. There is an awful eating disorder call Diabulimia, I had it, many diabetics have had it. You learn that if you don't give your insulin, you can become thin. However, unlike anorexia and bulimia, this will kill fast. You essentially can eat, but nothing gets absorbed because there ins't any insulin - you literally pee out your food. This causes very low electrolytes, which lead to cardia arrest. I am not saying Brittany suffered from this, however the pressure to be thin in Hollywood are immense. I couldn't even imagine what it would of been like having diabetes and being in Hollywood.

    • Thank you, Dr. Jess for your invaluable input and medicinal advice.

  24. that's bothe types DON'T at age 32

  25. So sad and she was so young. Wishing her husband, family and friends comfort at this time.

  26. I thought Brittney was a great comedian, and i'm sad to hear the news that she has passed. It reminds me how valuable every moment is. Even at 32 we are not invincible from health tragedy, and we must take very good care of ourselves daily to hope for a long, healthy life.

  27. I know this sounds bizarre, but I dreamt about Brittany and she wanted me to tell her family that she was not taking her diabetes medications as she should and with her insulin dropping and her electrolyte panel being off and her potassium and sodium flunctuating, this contributed to her death. She said the electrolytes were not due to eating dx, etc.. but just stress. She smiled in the dream and giggled as she walked away and said good luck convincing Hollywood to believe this one.

  28. My sister had Type 1 diabetes, had been bulimic for years throughout her life, and when she was 33, she got pneumonia and the day she was released from the hospital she went into cardiac arrest and died. It happens.

  29. I went into diabetic ketoacidosis.I was feeling really sick for days.I started vomiting, couldn't get off the couch,couldn't hardly breathe.We had to call the ambulance.I almost died.That's how I found out I had type 1 diabetes.

    It is sad that she died.

  30. I'm forty and have had type 1 diabetes since the age of nine. A lot of people just don't understand this illness and what it does to you, unless you have it yourself, you will never know. Let the poor girl r.i.p. Whatever the cause was, she was still a human being.

  31. I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 27 years and have had the flu like symptoms that Brittany had. These are symptoms of DKA, otherwise known to many diabetics as Diabetic Ketonacidosis. This happens when, overtime, our blood sugars are extremely high (ie we dont have enough insulin in our body). DKA can cause coma (ie body shutdown) and sometimes death. I have had it twice, made it to the hospital in time, and survived. Brittany also was in the spotlight, and had to maintain the idealistic Hollywood image. This pressure could unfortunately put Brittany's diabetes on the backburner.

    May God bless her family. Brittany, we will be here fighting for a cure. And for the rest of us, keep testing your sugars and giving your insulin.

  32. Just recently diagnosed with type 2. I feel afraid

  33. None of you know what led to her death.

    You don't know, you are idiots and it really isn't a concern of yours!

    Can you show a little respect?

  34. She had to have had Type 1, and she died of DKA. I read that she vomited before dying, which is a sign of DKA. Maybe she was misdiagnosed as Type 2, but I think it's highly unlikely that she had Type 2.

  35. Teresa, if you can, try to find a support group near you. It can be a phenomenal help getting to know others with the condition or with borderline diabetes. It is important because receiving and living with a diagnosis of any chronic condition can understandably be a highly emotional experience. Someone once said to me 'this is the best time to be diabetic'. I hope you will come to understand this too. With the right treatment you can still do anything you want to do. I run a support group so if you need any tips/ encouragement/ referrals/ educational materials, just shout. This is no time to be afraid. Reach out 🙂