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Playoff Prospects: Jaguars at the Top of the 7-7 Heap

After Thursday's loss to the Colts, many Jaguar fans resigned themselves to the notion that our city's NFL playoff hopes were now all-but-over.

But wait!

For the Jacksonville Jaguars, there is still hope.

The NFL Playoff situation is just as confusing as it was when the day began, but Jag fans probably don't mind that too much. That's because the Titans beat the Dolphins and the Falcons beat the Jets. Oh yeah, and the Broncos lost too.

What's all this mean? Well, let's take a quick look at how things stand in the AFC wildcard hunt. The Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos currently hold both wildcard slots in the AFC, and both teams have 8-6 records. What's more, both teams still have control over their own destiny.

Right below Denver and Baltimore are six teams with a 7-7 record, they are outside looking in with two weeks left to play. And wouldn't ya know it -- Jacksonville has the best conference record of those six teams. Thus, of the eight teams currently in the hunt for two wildcard slots, the Jaguars are in third place.

The bottom line -- if the Broncos lose next week and the Jaguars can beat the Patriots in New England, no easy feat, the chances of a Jacksonville post-season will drastically improve.

Then again, the very fact that the Jaguars are still playing meaningful football in late December is something of a victory on its own.

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