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Prescription Drugs Linked to Brittany Murphy’s Death

brittany-murphyCelebrity news site TMZ is reporting that there were "large amounts of prescription medications" on the nightstand in actress Brittany Murphy's home when paramedics arrived on Sunday, and that Murphy was "complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain" in the days before she died.

Those prescription drugs, perhaps in combination with another factor like an eating disorder or diabetes, may have lead to the death of the 32 year old actress on Sunday. It's unlikely we'll know a definite cause of death for several weeks.

Celebrity news website TMZ.com reported shortly after her death that Brittany Murphy’s mother, who found the actress unconscious in the shower and called 911, told paramedics that her daughter had a history of diabetes.

It later came out that she had been suffering from several days of flu-like symptoms prior to her death.

Cyril H. Wecht, a forensic pathologist and medical-legal consultant, told CBS' Early Show: ""When you have a 32-year-old person dying suddenly, and especially a celebrity in Los Angeles, you can place your bet down that it's going prove to be a case of acute combined drug toxicity. And I bet you that this young lady tragically died in the same way that Michael Jackson did, and Anna Nicole Smith, and her son, Daniel Smith, and Heath Ledger -- a combination of drugs that had been prescribed for her, prescribed for her husband, for her mother, in some fictitious names, probably by doctors who are very, very quick to make available anything that celebrities want, sometimes using knowingly fictitious names."

""I am aware of some of the drugs that were found. One of them was a drug that was involved with Michael Jackson, Adivan. One of them was a drug that was involved with Anna Nicole Smith, Klonopin. Two of the drugs are pain relievers, Hydrocodone, which we frequently see in these cases, and Vicoprofen, a form of Vicodin," Wecht added.  "The fact that they say that they're going wait for toxicology tests and it will take a couple of months, you can be sure that this is going to prove to be a case of acute combined drug toxicity. A tragedy."

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  1. i just don't understand what the hell is going on in hollywood expecilly with the doctors. it is like they need to go back to school and learn how to give out meds. again. It is rediculis how many more wonderful people need to die before something is going to start needing to be done about this. It is just crazy we have lost so many talanted people due to neglect in the medical field and these people are subpost to be here to help us and in face they are here to help kill us or just to kill us thankk god i live in florida were we have tracting on med instead of somewhere were my goverment doesn;t care.

  2. well , here in america, the government actually is behind all the drugs that are made, and distributed. Some doctors will not write certain perscriptions for anything. however, others will and sometimes these certain drugs mentioned are hard to get. The main point is that the government really does not care. they are making it to where if you do not have insurance you will be incarcerated. Of course, this will make it hard to see a doctor even if you are deathly ill. BUT there will still be these narcotics that are killing everybody left and right - i promise. Because the same money and drugs law enforcement find are still put back on the streets, and the money they find goes right back into the dealing system. There is no way possible to beat this unless God himself sends an angel into government; which we all know WILL NOT HAPPEN. The rich get more rich and the poor get more poor. The government really doesnt give a shit. Oh yea, I watched a documentary called "Oxycontin Express" where people from all over the US go to FL and get prescriptions for oxycontin/oxycodone which is way stronger than any of the drugs mentioned in the article above. FL is the EASIEST place in america to obtain narcotic pain medicines. 😉