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Is a Heart Condition Forcing Urban Meyer’s Resignation?

meyerThe college football world remains in shock over the surprise announcement that Univeristy of Florida football coach Urban Meyer will be stepping down from his post following next week's Sugar Bowl.

Meyer cited unspecified health concerns as the reason for his decision to step back from coaching.  But this is not the first news fans have heard about Coach Meyer's health in recent weeks.

Meyer admitted himself into Shands Medical Center in Gainesville shortly following the team's loss against Alabama in the SEC Championship Game on December 5.   It was reported that he was treated for dehydration.

Earlier this month, Sports Illustrated ran an article on Meyer in which he revealed that doctors had discovered an arachnoid cyst on his brain when he worked as an assistant coach at Notre Dame in 1998.

According to the report, doctors didn't consider the cyst to be life-threatening but told Meyer he could suffer from head pain if the condition flared up because of stress.

According to a report from NBC's College Football Talk website, it seems that Meyer may now be fighting with a heart condition.

"An NFL source tells us that Meyer has informed the team that he has a heart problem," reads the report.  "Making the development even more surprising is the fact that Meyer is only 45, and by all appearances he is in good health."

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  1. Wow ... What a blow to the Gators ... I'm sad ...

  2. please pray for his family and for the whole florida gators organization

  3. why the hell would I pray for the Florida Gators organization. Who gives a shit about them. Pray for him and his family

  4. Looks like he just doesn't have the heart to coach anymore....

  5. What a great coach and a role model. I pray that he is going to be OK.


  6. This is quite shocking to all True Gator fans, we all wish the best for our great coach! He's a class act who made the Gator Football program better class act while he was with us! We wish you and your family the very best always!

  7. A great person & dad!How dare any of us down such a person for his wants and belifs!let's take into fact that he loves his kids & never gets any time with them!I'm a GATOR but I can live without the ball to see a man that knows family comes first!That's what's wrong with this country now!We've lost our selves as people!I wish him the best & his family!Whatever the outcome-THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! ,The Anderson Family.