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Packing Away Those Decorations?

The presents are unwrapped, and you’re ready to wrap up the holidays in your home. Follow a few easy steps to ensure your well-loved Christmas decorations stay well-preserved until next year:

  • Resist the urge to pack decorations in cardboard boxes. Pack decorations in a sealed plastic tub instead. Fun tubs in Christmas-themed red and green will make them stand out in your attic or garage, as well.
  • Seal decorations and linens made of wool or silk into ziplock or plastic bags.
  • Launder cotton linens, ensuring that they are food-free by washing them according to their laundering instructions. This will also keep stains at bay.
  • Label your boxes, detailing the contents, or even use photos to ensure you can find the right boxes quickly next year. Cover the label with a piece of clear plastic tape, or place it in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Use a cedar-based insecticide such as Best Yet from CedarCide. Toss cedar pellets into decoration boxes and fog or spray your attic or garage with a cedar-based product, neither of which will harm or stain your decorations. Besides killing pests and keeping others away (from rats to silverfish, bed bugs, mites and more), the nice cedar smell will help keep Christmas in your heart – and decorations – all year long.

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