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Democrats at Point of ‘No Return’ on Health Care

Crossing the Rubicon: The Democrats Have Reached The Point of ‘No Return’ on Health Care

As someone who’s closely followed the national debate on health care “reform”, I’m struck by one question in particular that gets asked over and over again: “Why is Congress trying to pass a health care bill that most Americans oppose?”

It’s a good question.

Had the Democrats known at the beginning how fiercely the American people would react, or had they realized how unseemly their machinations would look in the light of day, it’s likely they would have been more circumspect.

At this late date however, the most plausible and encompassing reason for their refusal to quit, other than ideology, is simply this: The Democrats in Congress have reached the point of no return. It’s way too late to beat a retreat and they know it.

Democrats have spent so much political capital and engendered so much ill will that the only thing that sustains them is the false belief – one encouraged by their leaders – that failing to pass health care reform would be even worse for them than passing it.

Let’s face it. In the death of a thousand cuts, the Democrats are already up to number 993. According to their logic, a few more self inflicted wounds aren’t likely to make much difference.

For the moment, let’s ignore the train wreck that Democrat health care legislation has become. Let’s pretend instead that congressional Democrats, in a moment of sanity, might actually abandon health care reform altogether. It wouldn’t do them any good because the damage has already been done.

Win or lose on health care, here are just three of the problems Democrats have created for themselves:

1. The Democrats have told so many fibs in the health care debate that it’s hard to keep track of them all. The predicate lie was the claim that health care reform was essential to economic recovery; an obvious falsehood since none of the key Democrat “reforms” kick in until after the 2012 election. From the opening bell it’s been one long string of prevarications, half truths, quarter truths and misrepresentations that will haunt the Democrats for years to come.

2. Americans in large numbers are now paying close attention to the man behind the curtain (and they don’t like what they see). Everywhere you look you see Washington Democrats behaving badly. Not only have they indulged in the arrogant belief that they have the right to reorder one sixth of the nation’s economy, most of them have been voting for legislation they’ve rarely seen and never read. Couple this with their failure to deliver the transparency that was promised and you have the recipe for a very angry electorate.

3. Harry Reid’s legislative wrangling to secure the votes of recalcitrant Democrat Senators like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu has shocked even the most hardened cynic. The specter of greedy and unprincipled Democrat Senators, our own Bill Nelson included, looting the public fisc to gain political advantage doesn’t play well in Peoria or anywhere else.

The real tragedy in all this was a missed opportunity to institute a package of genuine reforms that would have expanded coverage and actually done something to bend the cost curve downward. A series of well conceived but less ambitious pieces of legislation, each targeted to correct a particular problem, would have drawn bipartisan support and fixed most of what’s broken for relatively little cost.

Instead, the Democrats have dug themselves a deep hole and apparently plan to keep on digging.

In the age of the internet, cables news and the Tea Party movement, there’s very little that escapes the attention of American voters. To quote a friend of mine who toils in the field of electoral politics: “Broken promises, midnight votes and back room deals are not the stuff that inspires voters. Democrats in Washington will rue the day they took on health care reform and won”.

In the end the Democrats will have won a battle only to discover that they lost the war. Theirs will be a Pyrrhic victory: Expensive for them and even more expensive for the American people.

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  1. Yes, it is shocking. The Democrats are acting so badly you can hardly tell them from the Republicans. All they need to do now is start a war with no hard evidence and fight it without a plan.

    • Do you mean the same war that all the Dems in the House and Senate supported?

      • Not only the same War the Democrats support, but based upon the same intelligence that was shared with them before the vote - that they want to now forget. Now rather than focus on Iran going nuclear in the region of the world that supplies many nations energy we debate a $2 trillion dollar health care bill that does nothing but raise cost......argh

    • The part about "without a plan" will be easy for the Party "without a clue". Since you are not paying attention, they already are fighting a war without a plan other than the part where they told the enemy hwo weak willed and impotent they are by telling what day we are leaving.

      At least Obama has left himself enough time to construct all his mea culpa's for world apology tour 4 coming in 2011.

      As to starting a war without "evidence" they did that by attacking the freedom of the American people and trying to destroy the finest health care system in the world.

  2. Robin, you are doing the Lord's work for our party and stopping these Democrat lies and I want to thnak you and encourage you to keep doing what youre doing no matter what!! Great work!

  3. Robin,
    If this bill passes, it contains enough inequity to challenge it in court. Also, I'd like to see the Florida legislature recuse (sp?) the state from the mandates- and the intrusion from the Federal Government.

  4. Also: Eric posted a comment with no substance or gravity. It's a ploy to coorelate Republicans with this poor behavior: all without documantation or refference. It's an ignorant mans' debate style.

  5. This business of starting a war without evidence is bogus. There were multiple WMD found before and during the war in Iraq.

  6. Which, by the way, is a diversion from the fact that Democrats are flipping their fingers at the citizens of the country. A point that won't be forgotten in 40 short weeks.

    • I hope you are correct.

      Unfortunately, history shows us that the American voter has a very short memory.


  7. Larry,
    I think the fact that Democrats were insulting, assaulting, and ignoring voters is a treansgression that won't be forgotten so easily. Especially when we who remember continue to remind the public of these acts.