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Crenshaw Comments on Mayport Nuclear Carrier Decision

crenshaw-post1Congressman Ander Crenshaw commended the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) ruling to homeport a nuclear aircraft carrier at Naval Station Mayport as the only right decision for America’s national security.

 “While I believe the Navy was right on the money when they made the decision to homeport a nuclear aircraft carrier at Mayport last January, I am glad to see that national security, not politics, stands victorious in the latest Pentagon’s review,” said Crenshaw, a five-term member of Congress who holds a seat on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs. “I am proud to have fought alongside members of the Northeast Florida Congressional Delegation to make Mayport’s case, holding steady to the argument that national security should rule any decision. Virginia lawmakers can no longer claim that this decision was not reviewed and analyzed at every level of our defense establishment.”

“Military leaders at the highest levels have long understood the nation needs two East Coast homeports,” Crenshaw continued. “Since the decommissioning of the USS John F. Kennedy, the Norfolk area has been the only East Coast port where nuclear aircraft carriers are repaired, built, and housed. If tragedy, manmade or natural, intentional or accidental, rendered it out of reach, the Navy would be forced to journey around the top of South America to reach another aircraft carrier maintenance facility in San Diego, California."

“Our nuclear aircraft carriers are key to the execution of national security strategy, and as access to overseas landbases continues to decrease, the Navy’s aircraft carriers will be more and more important,” said Crenshaw. “Mayport is positioned well to fulfill that mission, now and in generations to come.”

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