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Glorious Johnson to Enter Mayoral Race?


City Councilwoman Glorious Johnson is expected to announce her "intentions" in regards to Jacksonville's mayoral race on April 8th.

The announcement came on the 'Draft Glorious Johnson for Mayor of Jacksonville' group on facebook.  Here is the text:  "Spoke with Councilwoman Johnson this evening, she said that she is honored by the "Draft Glorious" movement, it has given her much to consider and she wanted all of you who have joined to know that she intends to make a formal announcement of her intentions on April 8th!"

It's long been rumored that the Republican-turned-Democrat was planning to enter the fray. Since April 8th would be shortly after the start of the next fundraising quarter, it's a pretty good bet that she's decided to formally jump in.

Amusingly, Glorious Johnson was one of the people involved with inviting people to join the 'Draft Glorious' group on Facebook.  Which seems like a pretty strong sign that she's interested in making a run.

But will the colorful Johnson, who once graced the cover of Folio Weekly wearing a Confederate Flag, be able to raise enough money to be a serious factor in the mayoral race? 

In her bid for re-election to the City Council back in 2007, Johnson became unopposed after raising about $50,000 from supporters.  That amount would be only a drop in the bucket for a mayoral candidate. 

Furthermore, many of the donors to her last campaign were prominent Republicans.  But the councilwoman switched parties about a year after being re-elected and in the process she angered many of her former supporters. 

However, Johnson may not need much money to make an impact on the race.  As potentially the only Democrat in the running, she could win a meaningful chunk of the votes on simple party-line voting.  Perhaps even enough to alter the dynamics of the race by capturing a spot in the almost inevitable run-off. 

That electoral math changes, of course, if another prominent Democrat (perhaps Alvin Brown?) decides to run as well.

For those interested, the 'Draft Glorious' group has also setup a Twitter account and a YouTube page advocating for the councilwoman.

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