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Luke Perry Has ‘90210’ Reunion

hollywoodexclusive1Things couldn't be much more hectic for beautiful blond "Jonas" leading lady Chelsea Staub, who has taken it upon herself to organize a fundraising concert for Haiti relief, "Harmonies for Haiti." She started off planning the event for a club in the 'burbs, but it's grown bigger.

"Originally, I got the idea while I was sitting watching CNN like the rest of the world, wearing my sweatpants, eating a Popsicle. I thought, 'Wait — I have connections in the industry; why don't I do something with this life that I've been given?'" she recalls. "Then I got on the computer and connected with some fans and asked, 'Hey, want to put on a free show and raise money for Haiti?' And it kind of snowballed into this event. I'm so excited and humbled by it. Then it really turned into the work part, figuring out which venue, handling ticket sales. I've kind of taken on the role of concert promoter."

The actress admits there've been times she's felt overwhelmed, "being 21 and never having done anything like this." That feeling hit her when she was talking seriously with two Sunset Strip nighteries about using their premises for the event Friday (2/5) — the House of Blues and The Roxy. "I'd thought of maybe getting a couple of hundred kids in the audience, and all of the sudden, I was talking to a venue that holds 1,400 people. They've been very cool," adds Staub. She is keeping fans updated about the who, what, where and when via Twitter and her www.chelseastaub.com website.

Meanwhile, Staub has been having a blast recording her forthcoming animated "Fish Hooks" series, in which she plays an excitable goldfish named Bea. She's about to begin shooting the second season of "Jonas" with Kevin, Joe and Nick. And she has the Disney Channel Original Movie "Starstruck" debuting Feb. 14. It has Sterling Knight of "Sonny With a Chance" as a pop star who falls for an everyday high school girl (Danielle Campbell). Staub plays a glamour girl who is "kind of a young Hollywood stereotype, very famous, thinks she's pretty awesome, goes to all the clubs, wants to have her picture taken and be seen with the hottest guys. She's not a very deep person."

Anyone we know?

"I'm kind of loosely basing her on tabloids I've read," she answers with a laugh.

WE'VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU: Luke Perry is back on TV! No, ladies, he's not reprising his most well-known role of Dylan McKay on the CW's "90210," but he did join forces with one of his former "90210" cohorts while guest starring on TNT's "Leverage."

"I walked into the hair-and-makeup trailer on 'Leverage' and there she was, Doreen — the lady who cut my hair on '90210' many years ago. We always thought on '90210,' not just the cast, but also the crew, 'If any of us two were ever together again, it'd be magic all over again,' and … it was. It was so great to see her," says Perry, who had no interest in making a guest appearance on the CW's spinoff, though he wishes them a lot of luck.

He is, however, tossing around the idea of getting back into more TV, but it's not easy, he notes. "People keep asking me if I'm going to get a day job. I don't know. I read scripts all the time. One of these days, I'm going to jump on one of them. It's a crazy time in television. You've got to take the good stuff when it comes along. It was easy to say yes to these guys on 'Leverage.'"

'ROCK' SOLID: Though he has the Kevin Smith "Cop Out" buddy cop comedy with Bruce Willis due to hit screens Feb. 26, Tracy Morgan says no one should think he's itching to move on from "30 Rock." "I just want to keep on being funny on there. Every day is my favorite moment. When I go to work, I feel blessed."

The funnyman, who has dealt with much travail in his personal life, tells us he's happy in his hectic whirl, and that "happiness to me is a simple thing. Happiness is having something to look forward to."

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT: "Community" actress Yvette Nicole Brown gets a big kick out of the name guest stars that pop up on the NBC comedy starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. "The fact these people will come and play with us is amazing. Especially Jack Black. We only had him for one day," she recalls. "At 9 or 10 at night, he was still there, being Jack Black, not only knowing his lines and hitting his marks, but being super kind. I've been in this business long enough to see that talent is plentiful, but kindness isn't always," says the former "Drake & Josh" actress. "So when you come across a true talent who is also really nice — appreciate it."

Brown is a Christian, like her character, Shirley. She says she doesn't find it difficult to maintain her moral values in Hollywood.

"If I bump up against something that feels wrong, I don't go there," she says.


With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster

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