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Candidates for RPOF Chair Speak Out on Delmar Johnson

Following yesterday's disclosure that Delmar Johnson had been paid at least $408,000 to serve as the Florida Republican Party's executive director and chief fundraiser, candidates to replace Jim Greer as RPOF Chair are speaking out.

“Delmar is a fine young man, but that is a gross overpayment of what that position should be paid,” said State Senator John Thrasher. ”It sends exactly the wrong message to the people who we need to participate in the Republican Party.”

Thrasher is considered by many to be the front-runner in the race to replace the disgraced Greer.   

He went on to pledge that “it won’t happen again” under his leadership.

Meanwhile Thrasher's main rival, State Committeewoman Sharon Day, also pledged tougher internal financial controls.

“The party obviously needs to have some best-management practices,” she said. “We need to put in place some checks, and I guarantee you on my watch that won’t happen again.”

Day was serving the party as State Committeewoman while the payments to Johnson were being made, but claims that she had no knowledge of it.

“I was basically told that he [Jim Greer] was handling the financial side of the party, and he didn’t give me anything,” Day said. “Obviously we could see (the fundraising) wasn’t happening. We left a lot of leeway for the chairman, but we have to be credible with our donors and they lost faith.”

Day has suggested that Johnson return a portion of the money to the party: “Maybe we could afford to have field staff.”

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