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RPOF Draws Fire for Excessive Compensation of Executive Director

The Florida Republican Party’s Delmar Johnson was paid at least $408,000 as executive director and top fund-raiser for the GOP – more than triple what embattled chairman Jim Greer earned, the Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Johnson, whose final official day on the job was Monday, did double-duty for the party in what he described as a virtually around-the-clock job sweetened by a 10 percent commission on major donations he landed. Johnson’s overall payment from the party was structured in a manner to avoid its disclosure to party leaders, the paper wrote.

State Senator Paula Dockery, running a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor, had some harsh words to say about the revelation.

"This news is a slap in the face to all the other hard working staff and every rank-and-file Republican around the state working to get Republicans elected," said Dockery in a statement released by her campaign. "Money is donated to the RPOF by Florida Republicans to help elect honest, conservative Republicans to office, not for exorbitant salaries and bonuses that would make a Wall Street banker blush."

Johnson’s rate of pay is also drawing criticism from former Florida and national Republican finance chairman Al Hoffman, who was among those calling for Greer’s ouster because of overspending.

"Obviously, this is absolutely unconscionable compensation,” Hoffman said.

Greer is stepping down Feb. 20 when party leaders hold a special election for a new chairman, with Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, the frontrunner.

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  1. Crsit, McCollum , Sansom all need to go!! THis is ridiculous. Rubio and Dockery or just let the Democrats have it!!

  2. PIgs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. In other words, the Delmar Johnson story. Continuing updates.


  3. watcher; lets just throw the baby out with the bathwater. . .

  4. Thrasher is just as bad. He works behind the scenes for two years to get the State's Republican Leadership to give his pals at CSX headquarters a $650 million corporate welfare gift at the taxpayers expense while Massachusetts only pays them $100 million for the same amount of trackage up there.

    Why would we want another "Jim Greer" ruining the RPOF. Don't let him have the keys to the vault, get a fresh face that knows how to add and subtract and do real and accurate comparisons, someone with morals and ethics. Get rid of John and Jim and all like them, or quit calling ourselves "conservatives."