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Charlie Crist: ‘I’m an Anti-Tax, Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Republican’

As a Senate candidate, Governor Charlie Crist is facing a stiff challenge from former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio in this year's Republican primary. Rubio has been rising in recent polls, to the surprise of many political pundits.

Earlier this week, Crist did an interview with the conservative publication Newsmax in which he responds to people who claim he's not lived up to the conservative label.

“Rubio claims he is the true conservative in the race, and some Republicans say you’re not conservative enough,” Newsmax.TV’s Ashley Martella said. “How do you respond?”

“I think it’s kind of funny, to be honest with you,” Crist answered.

“I’m an anti-tax, pro-life, pro-gun Republican, and I think it’s very clear that during my entire career I’ve never voted for a new tax. I’ve always thought it was important to put people first, to make sure they have the opportunity to make their own decisions about their lives without the government intruding. If that’s not conservative, I don’t know what is."

When asked about President Obama's budget, Crist took a hard line.

“I believe you need to tax less so that the people can spend their money more wisely than government will on any given day. What’s happening in Washington is exactly the opposite approach," Crist said. “I think Ronald Reagan would be turning over in his grave seeing what’s going on in D.C., because we all know, or at least I feel, that if you reduce taxes and give more of the hard-earned money back to the taxpayers so that they can spend it, you spur the economy forward. You revitalize entrepreneurship and the kinds of things a free market would bring about. So no, I would not vote for that budget.”

View the full interview here...

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  1. Typical Crist, talking out of both sides of his mouth. First he embraces Obama's Stimulus plan, then says that he's for reduced taxes and "give more of the hard-earned money back to the taxpayers...'.

    Well Charlie, how about a quick lesson: Increased Federal spending can only come from either increased taxes or increased borrowing. The first is a direct tax increase; the second is an indirect tax increase (through inflation or increased interest rates).

    Yet you say you oppose an increase in taxes yet you support a plan which will do just that.

    Which is it, Charlie?

    You can't have it both ways.


    • But both Crist and Rubio have said they supported taking the stimulus money for Florida.

      Personally, I'm still very on the fence about this race. I really wish there was a candidate who would have flatly said no.

      • Absolutely true.

        I certainly won't try to defend Rubio on that point. I believe the big difference between the two is that Crist is a huge supporter of, and campaigned for, the Obama stimulus plan.

  2. Governor Crist,

    We believe you. "Conservatism" is not your problem. Yours is one of character. You ran for Governor and we elected you. You even began the term. But you decided to abandon that service to run for Senator- and you did it when the landscape looked as if your position would almost certainly be filled by a Democrat. That action helped voters like me understand that you aren't on the side of Floridians, you are on the side of Charlie Crist. Many of us are extremely offended by your decision.

    We would have preffered you wait until the end of your Gubernatorial service, then ran for Bill Nelsons' seat. We would have supported you whole-heartedly.

    As it stands; Floridians feel betrayed by your selfishness. We also feel there's enough of that going around Washington already. Now you know why this voter is voting the other candidate.

    • You are spot on. The only reason he chose to run is to make himself for marketable for the White House. He was beside himself and wallowed in narcissistic depression after McCain passed him over for Sarah Palin.

      His decision to run now was based solely on personal gain.