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Bob Menendez and His Wedge Question Strategy

menendezLast week I discussed the strategy of Sen. Bob Menendez, head of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, who advised his candidates to frame their opponents in a negative light by asking a series of damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t “wedge” questions designed to drive away what Menendez sees as key Republican voting blocks.

As silly as his questions were, I answered them with logic, facts and a dose of good fun.

Now it’s my turn.

Here are my five questions for Sen. Menendez. I’ll admit they’re not really wedge questions (there more like wedgie questions: designed to irritate) but they’re just the kind the American people would like him to answer:

Q1: Huh? What the heck are you people thinking of? How dare you monopolize the nation’s agenda with so-called health care “reform” and a cap and trade scheme designed to cripple our economy?! There’s a very bad recession on! Knock it off and get back to work. (I admit that this is both a question and a directive, so feel free to extemporize.)

Q2: Please expand on your answer from above until you can explain yourself to the satisfaction of working Americans (and those Americans who’d like to work if there were any new jobs being created).

Q3: Over here on the right we’ve decided that it should be illegal to teach anyone, especially those bound for the Ivey League, to count past one trillion. Do you agree?

Q4: Let’s assume you guys “fix” health care, cut carbon emissions by 50% and reform the Bowl Championship Series. What good will it do when Iran has the bomb and decides that Biloxi, Mississippi (gambling, you know) is an affront to Islam?

Q5: Have you ever met a payroll? Meeting a payroll week in and week out – one with benefits attached – is a grind. Actually, it’s more than a grind; it’s a life altering experience. I know. I’ve met over 500 payrolls. It changes you and makes you appreciate what’s actually involved in the process of “job creation”. If you’ve never met a payroll I suggest you take a sabbatical from Congress and start a business. You will find it challenging, rewarding and the best educational experience you’ve ever had. By running a business you’ll learn how the world really works, not how you think it should work sitting on a well upholstered chair in the halls of Congress.

Q6: Special bonus question to test your knowledge of the government’s ability to get things done: How many students did the US Department of Education educate last year? Answer: None! Sorry Bob, but this was a trick question. Students are taught in local schools run by local school boards with hard working teachers who actually do the heavy lifting. There may be room for improvement, but I can assure you the improvement will not come from some Washington bureaucrat. The point I’m making is this: Spending money and producing a result are two different things.

Frankly, Bob, you should have seen that one coming.

You guys never learn.

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