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Cindy Graves: Clarifying Senator Thrasher’s Statement

cindyAs one of John Thrasher's constituents, and one of the three people who nominated him in his successful race for chairman of the RPOF, I want to clarify some of his remarks made on Saturday which were taken out of context and yet are now being widely and unfairly reported.

Those of us who were there knew Senator Thrasher was speaking about the Democrat-style of government and how the DC Democrats seem to want to continue to tax, spend, and stimulus us to death in a recession.  His remarks were targeted at those in Washington who have tried to push through a healthcare plan in a weekend session to stop any others in government from vetting the issue.

Clearly, Senator Thrasher was not referring Democrat “voters” in these remarks. In fact, I am sure we all think they join the efforts to end wasteful government spending. I have no doubt that he will continue to represent all constituents in his district with fair representation while continuing to stand up for conservative government spending and stand against new taxes and creating further government debt in a recession. The voters in District 8 who elected him would expect no less.

Let's give him a chance to prove himself in both roles while putting his proven leadership ability and fiscal responsibility to work for the betterment of all his NE Florida constituents in this legislative session.

Party politics aside, we are all Americans and can agree that we can afford no more taxes or further wasteful spending in Washington. Unlike the federal government, we understand the Florida Legislature must produce a balanced budget for all Floridians. We need John Thrasher’s leadership to accomplish this in next months in Tallahassee.

Cindy Graves
Duval GOP State Committeewoman

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  1. "Clearly, Senator Thrasher was not referring Democrat “voters” in these remarks. "

    He wasn't? It sure sounded that way to me. And if he wasn't referring to them, why didn't he make that clear in his remarks?

    Ms. Graves, why does Thrasher need you to "clarify" his remarks? Isn't he capable of doing that himself? And if he isn't, why then is such an obviously ill-read person chairman of the RPOF?

    Sounds to me like Thrasher has firmly implanted his foot into his mouth and there is no easy way of extracting it.

  2. Larry, I just wonder where this guy was when the Democrats were insult and assaulting their constituents. His indignation wreaks of hypocricy.

  3. Who are you kidding? His words were clear as a bell. Why are you apologizing for or trying to spin what he said? It was laughable that he stood up there claiming he was attacked in the campaign for chairman when in fact one of the people who nominated him compared his opponent, a hard-working republican activist, to Obama. what exactly does John Thrasher believe?