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Accident Closes Main Street Bridge Tuesday


Our crack photographer, Reinhardt, was driving over the Main St. Bridge at 3:30 pm Tuesday afternoon when all traffic came to a complete stop.  Two cars had been involved in separate accidents at the top of the bridge. One car was heading eastbound and the other westbound into downtown.  Six local Community Service Officers quickly moved into action and closed off all access points and directed traffic off the bridge.

Ambulances were called but only on minor injury was reported.  The driver of the silver car was taken to a nearby hospital. JSO arrived on the scene at 4:05 to complete the accident reports.  By 4:30 pm, one wrecker was preparing to remove the most damaged vehicle and another wrecker was in route to the scene. 
In the meantime, bridge tenders were investigating any signs of damage to the bridge.  It appeared that the Florida State DOT had been called to investigate the bridge further for signs of stress.
The wrecker worker, when asked what happened, said, "These people drive over the bridge at the same speed whether it is raining or dry.  They just don't understand that the grating on the top of the bridge becomes slick as glass in the rain."  Pointing to the damaged silver car, he said, "This is what happens. I see it all the time."
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  1. Other than the fact the bridge runs north and south, good reporting