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Local Groom Dies, Family Won’t Get Full Refund

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Krissy Tofany and Jessi Foster were so in love they started 2010 looking forward to their wedding day.

The big day was Feb. 20, but two days before the wedding the unexpected happened. Jessi died from bacterial meningitis.

"They did everything for him but he passed away two days before the wedding, " said Veronica Truetle, Tofany's mother.

Truetle spent the following days comforting her daughter and dealing with the vendors who were hired for the wedding.

"Every vendor has been wonderful, except for Fontana's restaurant," said Truetle.

They said the other vendors gave the family a full refund, but Fontana's Catering service will only refund $500.

"I don't think that is fair," said Truetle.

Paola Navarro runs Fontana Catering and she said it's more than fair. Navarro said she is sympathetic and offered the family her condolences, but she said the catering service has already spent money on the wedding.

"The $500 (is) what's left after we paid for food, payroll and my time. I met with them six times," said Navarro.

The offer still stands, she said, but she's disappointed that Truetle would try to damage her business.

"I think that Paola should keep $300 for her time and refund the $1,300, because it would help Krissy," said Truetle.

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  1. Every other business is able to change their plans & reschedule. With the possible exception of the bakery, the other vendors have not had to put money up front. I'm surprised that the resturant doesn't have a contract explaining what can be refunded & when. If the wedding was cancelled due to other, less tragic, circumstances, they would not be able to get a full refund anyway.

  2. My heart goes out to this family but I side with the caterer. My father died the night before my sister's wedding. Obviously the wedding was postponed indefinitely as we dealt with the loss. It was never even a question for us as to a refund from the caterer as the service they provide and we paid for, the food, was already prepared. The videographer and photographer had not used any film or accrued any expenses so obviously our deposits were refunded.

    I think it's irresponsible to publish this article without looking at the details objectively. The total cost was $1300 but the family wants $1000 back as they think $300 is for "her time". Do they really think only $300 is what the food cost?

    • The food was NOT spoiled and should have been able to have been used in the restaurant. The time spent in the prep of the food would be offset as well. You can bet that I will never eat at the restaurant again. I now live several states away but still have family & friends in the area. Misbehave is correct in her review of the owners and establishment. I will be putting this out on Twitter and several of the other social networking sites.

    • Too bad you feel that way. I can only hope that you will never have to be treated this way when you loose a loved one in a tragic fashion as this. But it's so easy to say this when it's NOT you! Well here's some business facts for you...The business should be solvent enough to not have to use her money to pay payroll. This business is living hand-to-mouth if they has to sell jobs to pay for payroll. That is one of the warning signs of a failing business. Next her attitude is another sign of a failing company. And the final note, this business will be seriously on the failing end of the stick after this National story. I good or even decent and smart manager would have simply given the refund knowing that the good faith effort on her end would bring in more business than this will.
      You can catch more flies with Honey than with Vinegar! I sure hope this business doesn't try to blame the economy when they fail, they need to blame that lamer they let speak on TV! That is the person solely responsible for the business failure. One can only imagine how crappy the service is in that desolate place they call a restaurant!

  3. Are you kidding me?????????? You can bet I will NEVER use Fontana's Catering EVER for anything. And I will tell EVERYONE I know about this. How cold and insensitive......... I understand completely about business, however human compassion takes presedence...... Fontana's can write it off on their taxes......... I hope they at least hand over the food that this couple paid for so they can freeze it or give it to charity themselves. Unbelievable.......... I wish I had the ability to give the money back to Truetle myself. GIVE THEM THE FOOD.

  4. i think they should accept the $300 and be more sympathetic..they well than make it up on another catered affair. condolences to the families involved here.

  5. Thats ok you can google Fontana's Jacksonville and write a review, in fact here's a link:


    They are bad people and their food is dry and tasteless.

  6. I find this kind of behavior so uncalled for by the caterers. If they would had a death in their family I'm sure they would of argued for a refund. It alls go back to "What goes around comes around". Fontana's will be seeing bankruptcy court soon. Very poor taste people!!!!!


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