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Reader Poll: Your Pick for Jacksonville’s Next Mayor?

city-hallSometime next year, Jacksonville voters will head to the polls to pick our city's next mayor. A trio of major candidates have already launched their campaigns, and several other high profile figures have announced that they will enter the race in early April.

The last time the Jacksonville Observer conducted a reader poll on the mayor's race was June of 2009. In that poll we opened it up to everyone who was even remotely thought to be considering the race. That meant including people like State Representative Mike Weinstein, former Ambassador John Rood, former Jaguar Tony Boselli, Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland and others. The results of that VERY early and VERY unscientific survey can be seen here.

Today we're trying it again, but this time the only names on the ballot are major candidates who have already launched or are about to launch their campaigns. Space for write-in choices is available, but we are mainly focusing on the candidates already off and running.

Polling will continue until next Tuesday at noon, when we'll close this topic and tally up the results. Check back next Wednesday for a full recap, including write-in votes.

FAIR WARNING: We can track IP addresses with this survey and if we detect any attempts to manipulate the results by voting multiple times or using bots, we reserve the right to delete the fradulent votes.





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  1. Moran will win this one!She is very sharp and will have the funds to get her message out.I would love to see a debate with her and Mike Hogan.I will record that event! KNOCK OUT EARLY ROUND

  2. Mike Hogan is the clear choice. A fiscal conservative, wiht strong moral beliefs and his character is
    strong without question.