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A Nearly Tragic Accident


It seems that every time our photographer, Reinhardt, is out for a drive in the rain he comes across an automobile accident.

At noon on Thursday, a driver mistakenly drove up the north Acosta Bridge exit ramp which exits onto Riverside Avenue.  In his effort to avoid a head-on collision with another vehicle exiting the Acosta Bridge, the driver drove into the side retainer wall. The accident totaled the vehicle leaving car parts strewn around the ramp. There is no word on the health of the driver or whether the driver was impaired at the time of the accident.

Looking at the center lane dividing wall, it appears that it would be impossible for anyone with a clear state-of-mind to make such a mistake.

Traffic was able to exit freely while the accident was cleared from the roadway. By 1:30 pm, the entire mess was cleared and no remnants of the near tragic accident were obvious.

Had this driver made this mistake two hours earlier or two hours later, the outcome may have been much worse.


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