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Jacksonville’s Next Mayor: Moran, Hogan Top Reader Choices

poll-results-1Last week, the Jacksonville Observer conducted a reader survey on Jacksonville's 2011 mayoral race.  While voters won't head to the polls for over a year, several candidates are already off and running and others have made it clear they will join the fray in the coming weeks.

Our survey's results, recorded in the graphic on the right, are an unscientific sample meant to reflect the current thoughts of our readers. If a poll such as this has any value, it is perhaps as a demonstration of a campaign's organizational strength. Both the Moran and Hogan campaigns, and their supporters, made clear efforts to circulate the poll and increase their vote totals.

Audrey Moran was the first candidate to officially file and came out with very strong fundraising numbers during her first reporting period.  Moran has served as Chief of Staff for Jacksonville Mayor John Delaney and as Director of Legislative Affairs for Mayor Ed Austin.  She is currently the President and CEO of the Sulzbacher Center, which provides services for the homeless in downtown Jacksonville.

Moran's campaign had raised $171,000 as of December 31st.

Mike Hogan currently serves as Duval County Tax Collector and has previously held posts in the State House and on the Jacksonville City Council.  He entered the race shortly after Moran declared and banked about $112,000 as of the end of the year.

In third place was City Councilman Kevin Hyde, who entered the race a bit later than both Moran and Hogan.  Hyde is a lawyer with Foley and Lardner and has been an at-large member of the City Council since 2003, having also served a term as Council President.

Hyde's fundraising total as of the end of the year was a little over $46,000.

The criteria used for the inclusion of some candidates over others in this poll was somewhat subjective.  Since there are nine people currently filed as candidates for mayor and numerous others about to enter the race, we determined that it made the most sense to include only those who are generally recognized as the "most serious" candidates.

Thus, we named any candidates who had already declared themselves and raised enough money to pay the qualifying fee to earn a spot on the ballot. Only three of the nine who have filed have also raised significant amounts of money:  Audrey Moran, Councilman Kevin Hyde and Tax Collector Mike Hogan.

Additionally, we determined that it made sense to include three other well-known candidates who have yet to make their announcements official: City Councilwoman Glorious Johnson, General Counsel Rick Mullaney and newspaper publisher Jim Bailey.  All three have made it publicly known that they plan to enter the race, likely in April.

poll-results-2Just so we didn't leave anyone out, an option was given for voters to "write-in" any choice they wanted, and we aimed to report results for any such write-in votes that were cast.

Nearly 100 voters chose the write-in option.

Duval County Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry was the top write-in choice, picked by 33 voters.  In fact, Curry actually outpolled publisher Jim Bailey, whose name was included on the ballot.

Curry also polled very strongly in our last mayoral survey.  At that time, Curry told the Observer he wasn't planning a run for mayor and was focusing on his business.

“I am very focused on building the Republican Party and growing my company, ICX Group,” he said at the time.

Robert Hutcherson finished in second among write-in voters, with 14 votes.  Hutcherson (or "Hutch" as he's known) has declared as a Republican candidate for mayor and has raised about $1,000 as of the last reporting period.

Others gaining a few write-in votes included former St. Johns Republican Chairman Hank Heinold, member of the Taxation Revenue and Utilization of Expenditures (TRUE) Commission Jason Fischer, Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland and City Councilman Daniel Davis.

Complete write-in results are listed in the graphic on the left side of this page.

As candidates really begin to kick their campaigns into high gear, The Jacksonville Observer will revisit the mayor's race with another reader poll in a few months.

10 Responses »

  1. If Hank Heinhold is from St. Johns County, why would he run for Mayor?

    Oh wait, I forgot that Peyton lives in SJC too.

    Sheesh............... more of the same.

  2. I still say our next Mayor isn't even in the running yet. This coming budget cycle is going to be a bloodbath, but someone is going to figure it out. As long as the solution doesn't involve tax or fee increases then that "someone" will be the front runner come the time when the campaigning really begins.

    Crist was a slam dunk this early in his campaign.

  3. Tune into What's the Buzz tomorrow with yours truly and our favorite write-in, Lenny Curry on WBOB 1320AM at 5:00 PM. (A shameless plug, I know!)

    I'll ask Lenny about his plans for mayor and we will interview Congressman Adam Putnam who is the Republican candidate for Agriculture Commissioner, a powerful position that regulates a lot more than just agriculture!

    Cindy Graves
    Duval Republican State Committeewoman

  4. "Mayor Moran" - has a great sound to it. This woman has, over her years in Jacksonville, been in positions to understand the intricacies of not only Jacksonville's political plan(s) but has become one of its finest key members. I have personally met Ms. Moran and spoken to her, and can attest to her ability to run this city just as magnificently as she has in her prior positions. Oh, and for those of you who may be interested in running - the 5K kind of run, The Sulzbacher Center, of which Ms. Moran is the current Preseident and CEO, is being held Saturday, March 27, 2010 for the benefit of the Center, which provides numerous services to those most in need in all areas in Jacksonville. We should consider ourselves most honored that a candidate of this caliber would take on the Mayor's Office of Jacksonville. M.A. Waters Frohwein.

  5. GO JIM BAILEY! Jim Bailey is am amazing person...ha ha ha...let me guess...the argument is going to be, "He doesn't have enough experience." WHAT THE HECK EVER!!! Let me guess, Mike Hogan, bathing in a political bloodbath for years, and transferring from the state capital to the tax collectors office just so people read your name a few years is "experience". Oh yes...I forgot about being a member of FBC Jax...haaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Joke. He's hardly even a God-Fearing man.

    Apparently, Jacksonville natives and Americans alike do not even realize what "a real politician" means...it means filthy, dirty-rotten, scoundrel!

    I SUPPORT JIM BAILEY ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! What we need are REAL people how care HONESTLY about our society...not political scum bags who are fighting over the next toes they can step on to get to their next flithy rung on the political chain of command.

    Boo on you, Mike Hogan. You are a filthy jerk!!!! And, I know this personally!

    • I see that Jim Baileys people are going negative early, good job, I am sure you are very proud of yourself.

  6. JIM BAILEY has my vote!!! There is no one more passionate about his city, he believes in us and we need to believe in him!!

    • I like Mr. Bailey, he is a nice guy, but I think we need someone with a little bit of experience and fewer ties to the current "ruling class" that has put us in this hole over the last 20 years.