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HEALTH CARE RALLY: Medical Mask Protest on Friday at Friendship Fountain

medical-mask-fa1552ba4abf43ad_largeA group called The People's Tea Party is organizing a health care protest at Friendship Fountain on Friday, March 19th.

The event will run from Noon to 1pm and everyone is welcome to attend and participate.

The group describes the protest as: "not a demonstration, not an event, this is a peoples right to free speech, right to assembly protest against government takeover of our health care."

Friendship Fountain is located on the South Bank Riverwalk of the St Johns River at 1015 Museum Drive.

Organizers of the group will distribute 500 surgical masks to the crowd and anyone planning on attending is encouraged to bring their own signs and posters.

To find out more information, visit the group's website.

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