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On Tap This Week: Teen Sexting, Child Abduction Bills in House Committee

A bill that would make “sexting” by minors a crime is in the House Public Safety and Domestic Security Policy Committee on Monday.

The measure (HB 1335) is being sponsored by Rep. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington.  It will make it a crime for a minor to knowingly transmit nude photos of themselves, or to possess a photo of some other minor.

The panel also takes up a bill (HB 787) that adds new risk factors for a judge to consider when deciding whether or not a child is at risk of parental abduction. The bill also outlines and makes additions to preventative measures that may be ordered if a judge finds credible evidence that a child is at risk of abduction.

Three parents of children who have been abducted, including some taken to other countries, will testify.

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