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Congressman Crenshaw Blasts Democrats on ‘Government Takeover’ of Health Care

crenshaw-post1Congressman Ander Crenshaw was one of the 212 Republicans to oppose the Democratic health care package that passed the U.S. House on Sunday. 

Congressman Crenshaw's office issued the following strongly worded statement in support of his 'NO' vote on the legislation:


Make no mistake about it, this bill does nothing to lower the cost of health care in this country. Instead, the Obama/Pelosi health care gamble raises taxes by over $500 billion, costing thousands of jobs. The bill also spends more than a trillion dollars, cuts Medicare for our seniors by over $500 billion, and spends $10 billion to hire 16,500 new IRS employees to enforce new taxes and penalties.

This 2,000-page package didn't earn my vote last November and didn't get it today.  Unfortunately, its passage came through back-room deals rather than principled position. Take the Louisiana Purchase where $300 million in extra Medicaid aid goes to the state of Louisiana. And, in Connecticut, $100 million for a public hospital in that state is retained in the bill while hospitals in Tennessee have secured $99 million. 

My constituents did not ask for an expensive, expansion of the U.S. government. They did tell me, 'Keep my health care costs down and give me access to care.' That's why I voted for the Republican plan last November. The CBO found it would reduce health care premiums and cut the deficit by $68 billion over ten years. Moreover, it lowers health care costs, increases access, maintains Medicare benefits, ends lawsuit abuse, and preserves the doctor/patient relationship - all without raising taxes. That's right for Florida and right for the nation, and that's what I will continue to fight for.

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  1. Ander is kind enough to illustrate for us the fact that intelligence and honesty are not human qualities required in order to obtain the title of congressman. Where was his fiscal responsibility when B-B-Bush passed the wealth relocation tax relief act for billionaires, or sent Americans into protracted costly and deadly military actions that together almost to the dollar account for our deficit as well as the current mess our economy is in? He was probably golfing with a dick or hunting quail near a bush.

    • Ooops, you conveniently forgot to mention that it's proven that tax cuts stimulate the economy (the "rising tide floats all boats" saying is true).

      You also forgot to mention that it wasn't just Repubs who voted for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars; the approval by Dems was, I think, unanimous.

      As for our current economic mess, I agree that Bush did his part with the first stimulus package, but Obama has done even more damage with his second stimulus package and now the healthcare boondoggle. If it was such a good bill, why did Obama/Pelosi have to twist so many arms and cut back-room deals for votes?

  2. Ander Crenshaw was right on the money yesterday! He was angry and frustrated with this "deal for Democrats". Let's never forget their disregard for the truth and vote out everyone that pushes for ever more entitlements.

  3. Thank you Congressmen Crenshaw for representing the people who you were sent there to represent!!!!!! Not the guy who offered you "special favors" to pass their bill!!!! And for having the conviction to tell the truth about it! Now the rest of you that voted for a bill the American public didn't want, go hang your head down in shame. And wait for us to vote you out!

  4. It's easy to criticize after the fact, especially when an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose socialized medicine a.k.a. Obamacare.

    The real question is where was his leadership in addressing and writing legislation to provide free market solutions to healthcare problems such as tort reform, medical savings accounts or even the current Republican proposed alternatives to Obamacare?

    Missing, I'd say.

    • Also missing was Obama's promise to have the issues debated freely and openly on CSPAN.

      Although he did have the single session on CSPAN, that was very much after the fact.