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The Science of ‘Hatorade’

Given such a convincing performance by Cornell in the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, Kentucky probably won't be drinking any "Hatorade" heading into Thursday's game.

The 12th-seeded Big Red and No. 1-seeded Wildcats meet in Syracuse in the East Regional semifinals.

So what exactly is "Hatorade"?

"I believe 'Hatorade' is something you might either drink or absorb, I guess, that people outside your program might be, I guess, exposed to," Cornell's Jon Jaques explained over the at first- and second-round games in Jacksonville, Fla., during a Saturday news conference. "I'm trying to give a scientific way of explaining this."

Jaques is a biology and society major, appropriately enough.

"I don't know," Jaques added, "it's just something people who don't respect your program, I guess (people) don't think you belong at this spot. I think we have proven, though, that we do belong here in the tournament, and hopefully no one is drinking any 'Hatorade' against us. Yeah, that's about it. Can you guys expand on that? "

"That was perfect," teammate Alex Tyler added.

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