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New Crist Ad Slams Rubio

The Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate campaign went on the offensive today, launching a new television ad that squarely targets his chief rival, former House Speaker Marco Rubio.

Rubio has been dealing with allegations of wreckless spending and misappropriation of funds for his use of Republication Party of Florida American Express cards.

Full script of the advertisement follows...

I’m Charlie Crist and I approve this message.

We thought he was different. Ideologically pure.
Marco Rubio shot to national stardom.

Called “The Republican Obama.”

Now, comes the truth.

Rubio was a registered lobbyist. His income skyrocketed
while his power increased …

“He looks awfully like a veteran insider who manipulated the system” — Rubio used Republican political donations on his lavish lifestyle.

Then, failed to properly disclose it, violating the law…

Marco Rubio, How Disappointing

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  1. CRIST is gay,he has plenty of skeletons in his closet,just watch HBO special on closeted gay's who vote against gay marriage.HIS x- girls friend has plenty of info,she is afraid for her life,and will speak out in a few years.there is nothing wrong with being gay,but when you vote against it,your a fucking trader.CHRIST should just come out,his new marriage is a fraud.

  2. charlie,come out of the closet before you look like a fool.

  3. Rubio has proved to be just another Republican. Look what they ALL have done in the embarrasing Healtcare Reform vote, NOT A SINGLE ONE VOTED FOR IT! Rubio and the GOP have one thing in common: Falsehoods is the basis of their plans.

  4. I will vote for him anyway, I like to think of it as change and I am registered independent voter.

  5. This is really disappointing. As a bail bondsmen I hope if he goes to jail he calls me!

  6. OK. That's the claim, where is the proof, the numbers, this is just fluff stuff. Pitiful attempt...........How Disappointing Charlie.

    • Good question, I found that the Crist Campaign posted this information as backup. Hope this helps.

      "Called 'The Republican Obama.” - (The New Republic, John B. Judis, "The Republican Obama," 2/23/10)

      "Rubio was a registered lobbyist." - (“Registrations By Lobbyist: Rubio, Marco,”http://www.miamidade.gov/govaction/lbRegByLob.asp)

      "His income skyrocketed while his power increased - (Marco Rubio Form 6: Florida Commission on Ethics, Public Disclosure of Financial Interests)
      2002 - $96,019.32, Becker & Poliakoff
      2003 - $92,000, Becker & Poliakoff (Rubio Majority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives)
      2004 - $196,000 ($150,000, Broad & Cassel; $46,000 Becker & Poliakoff) (Majority Leader)
      2005 - $300,000 Broad & Cassel (Speaker Designate)
      2006--$300,000 Broad & Cassel (Speaker Designate)
      2007--$300,000 Broad & Cassel (Speaker of the House)
      2008--$300,000 Broad & Cassel (Speaker of the House)

      "'He looks awfully like a veteran insider who manipulated the system.'" - (St. Petersburg Times, editorial, “Rubio's big-spending ways come to light, 3/15/10)

      "Rubio used Republican political donations on his lavish lifestyle.” - (St. Petersburg Times Front Page, "A Lavish Rise for Rubio," 3/13/10) and (The Miami Herald, Beth Reinhard and Scott Hiaasen, “Marco Rubio charged personal bills on GOP card,” 2/24/10)

      "Then, failed to properly disclose it,” - (St. Petersburg Times, editorial, “Rubio's big, secret spending,” 3/15/10)

      "violating the law ..." [GRAPHIC "a violation of the law.” - (St. Petersburg Times, editorial, “Rubio's big, secret spending,” 3/15/10)

  7. We know they're all crooked. The question is, from which crook will Florida benefit the most.

  8. "How Disappointing" indeed. To even glance at what our power grubbing, narcissist politicians are doing in DC is enough to make one vomit. The tyrants installed in the White House, Senate,and Congress are as vile of a domestic bunch as America has ever seen. In true fact, the world have not seen such a psychotic, irrational, and vainglorious group of evil monsters since the late 1920's, early 1930's, Google the famous rallies of Nuremberg, Germany and compare them with the "HopeyChange" masses of 2008. Now it's time to Pahrteee!
    If it were not for the skin tones and uniforms, these two hysterical masses would be indistinguishable.

  9. Rubio should be punished of he broke the law, but the voters will punish him at the polls because of his involvement with the fringe Tea Party crowd.

  10. It doesn't matter. No matter who wins this contest the state of Florida will be stuck with an asshole for it's senate leader. The state is a deep south, bible thumping, republican red neck riviera!

  11. Alex Snitker is the only candidate for US Senate in Florida with principle. Both GOP Candidates are big government insiders. The only vote for liberty and against socialism is a Libertarian one.

  12. Alex Sink is an Obama shill. Haven't we had enough of that already?