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Sea Star Line Expands to Serve Port of Philadelphia

SeaStarSea Star Line, a cargo transportation services company headquartered in Jacksonville, announced today that they are adding the Port of Philadelphia to their rotation.

"This move comes in direct response to customer needs," said Frank Peake, Sea Star Line president and COO. "We continually evaluate our services to ensure that our operations are aligned with our customer priorities. For Sea Star Line, performance involves a lot more than operational capability; it is a continual effort to remain in synch with our customers. As their priorities change in response to business conditions, we take that into account and respond accordingly."

The company's vessels will begin to service the port weekly, making calls to the Tioga Marine Terminal each Friday beginning, April 23, 2010.

"The trick, of course, is to optimize our operations to meet the diverse needs of hundreds of customers," Peake continued. "Fortunately, we have a set of assets and skills that are uniquely suited to the task. We have the fastest and most flexible ships in the trade, and the most experienced and skilled personnel."

Read more in today's Jacksonville Business Journal.

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