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Former Senator Bob Smith Bows Out of Senate Race

Senator_Smith_headshotEarly Friday morning, former U.S. Senator Bob Smith ended his long-shot bid to return to the Senate.

"I embarked on this campaign because America's very survival is in grave danger," Smith said in an email to supporters.  "Rhetoric and party politics will not save America for our grandchildren. It will only be courageous action and strong conservative leadership. I believe that I had the experience to provide that conservative leadership. However, it was not to be."

Lack of fundraising success appears  to have ultimately been what prompted Smith to end his campaign.

"I have always recognized that my U.S. Senate Campaign would need a degree of major funding to succeed," Smith said in his statement.  "Unfortunately, funding has not materialized and I must now end my campaign."

Smith served in the U.S. Navy during the 1960’s, including a tour in Vietnam.  In the 1980's he was elected to Congress from New Hampshire and later served two terms in the U.S. Senate. 

Smith campaigned against rivals Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio by positioning himself as the only candidate to have served in the military and the only one with experience in Washington, DC.   The former Senator appeared twice as a guest on the Jacksonville Observer Radio Show and discussed the issues that he felt would set him apart from the other candidates in the race.

A foreign policy hawk, Smith was endorsed by former Congressman and Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter.  His campaign was also heavily focused on his opposition to illegal immigration and so-called amnesty proposals. 

Running to the right of both Crist and Rubio, Smith expressed his frustration that the two men were inauthenticly conservative.  He had particularly harsh words for Rubio, charging that the former House Speaker's moniker as the candidate of Tea Party supporters was "bogus" and demanding that Rubio release full records of his Republican Party of Florida credit card bills.  Following Rubio's failure to appear at a candidate forum, the Smith campaign took to calling him "No Show Marco" for a time.

In October of 2009, Smith recieved about 9% of the vote in a Palm Beach County GOP straw poll.  His campaign struggled for attention and was largely ignored by pollsters.   Statewide, his support levels probably fell within the margin of error. 

"As I leave the U.S. Senate race, I urge you to continue to ask the tough questions," said Smith.  "Demand detailed positions and constitutional solutions from not only the U.S. Senate candidates but all federal candidates. Do not allow candidates the luxury of squishy sound bite platitudes from the party playbook."

Smith's exit will likely have minimal impact on the race, though it could be seen as a slight boost for Rubio.

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  1. Slaming fellow Republicans as you drop out of a race doesn't help anybody. Mr. Smith should realize the reason(s) his campaign didn't click is his own problem not any fault of either Rubio nor Crist. Perhaps the real reason is his potential supporters realized he is a "has been" and merely because he claims to be very conservative thinker isn't enough.

  2. Thank you Bob for serving your country! We wish you all the best and God Bless.

  3. Dennis Bradley has also dropped out of the race for Florida's U.S. Senate seat and has endorsed Libertarian candidate Alexander Snitker.

  4. Lol! Alexander Snitker is another WAC job! This Ron Paul WACO thinks 911 was an inside job!

    • It's funny how the Republican Party, and the Rubio camp in particular, are so vile in their attacks on Alex Snitker. You would think that with the mainstream media in your back pocket, you wouldn't need to sling mud at the little guy. Oh, well.

      As Alex Snitker's media director I can assure you that Alex absolutely does not believe 911 was an inside job. In fact, he told me personally that if he believed that, there would be no point in running for office. Our country would already be lost.

      Alex simply wants to restore our nation to the Constitutional principles upon which we were founded. He wants to help put an end to the two-party political machine, where career politicians act as lords and rulers, rather than temporary representatives of the people.

      However, you are right about one thing. He does stand with Ron Paul on several issues such as auditing the Federal Reserve, the Fair Tax, a balanced budget, and sound monetary policy.

      If that makes him a "wac job" in your opinion, then I doubt we can have a civil conversation.

  5. Dear Florida Republican Voter. Your Statement is False. I do not think 911 was an inside job. You make this claim because you know on the issues I will defeat Marco Rubio. The people will see through your attempt at slander.

  6. Alexander, why would you accuse the Rubio supporters of saying this? Where is your proof? Seems to me your a little COO- COO!