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Robin Lumb: Repealing the Democrat Health Care Bill

Although “Deem and Pass” never actually came to pass in last Sunday’s 219-212 vote to undue American prosperity, the concept of deeming to pass a bill without actually passing it did capture the nation’s attention long enough to remind us once again of the perfidy and deceit that lurks in the heart of the legislative majority that controls Congress.

Now that the Democrats have officially voted to subvert our health care system and, in the process, to shred the Constitution, let us remind ourselves that we still live in a functioning Republic that prominently features a well defined process for redressing grievances at the ballot box; a process that allows us to overturn bad legislation by removing bad legislators from office.

So let’s cut to the chase: The Democrat Party has dragooned the American people into a program of health care “reform” that will explode the deficit, kill jobs, increase health care costs and delay economic recovery.

The only rational response is to execute a plan to remove them from power.

If we are to repeal the Democrat’s health care legislation and replace it with something that would actually work, here are the items we need to agree on and the things we need to be doing:

1. The repeal of the Democrat’s health care legislation must be the number one mission of the Republican Party over the next two election cycles. It starts by taking back the House of Representatives in 2010 and by making significant inroads in the Senate. It ends in 2012 by regaining a Republican majority in the Senate and with the election of a Republican President.

2. There is no such thing as a moderate or conservative Democrat. Any Democrat elected to Congress who votes to organize with a majority which then turns around and elects someone like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker is an enabler of the hard core left. Any Democrat that votes to elect leaders who then appoint the likes of Barney Frank, Henry Waxman or Charlie Rangel to key chairmanships is making common cause with those who are committed to a corrupt legislative process and a radical transformation of America. After the health care bill passed last night Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak, who famously swore he would never support any legislation that lacked an imbedded prohibition on abortion funding and who then betrayed this pledge with a ‘yes’ vote, actually took to the floor to denounce the same Republicans who had gone to great lengths to support him.

3. Now that the legislation has been passed into law we need to study every jot and tittle in the 2,700 page monstrosity in order to expose its deficiencies. Every conservative activist, every conservative think tank and every elected official who claims kinship with the conservative movement needs to scrutinize the legislation and become familiar with its provisions. Democrats are mistaken if they think that passage of the bill will end the critique. In reality, the process of dissecting, examining and exposing the legislation has only just begun.

4. The Republican Party, talk radio, conservative media outlets and every conservative in the blogosphere needs to spend the next seven and a half months exposing every lie told by Democrats, every corrupt backroom deal and every sleight-of-hand trick that was used (or contemplated) in passing the health care bill. The Democrats sold their snake oil (to the 35% of Americans who seem eager to buy it) using distortions, half-truths and falsehoods. Voters need to be reminded of these deceptions at every turn.

5. Republicans need to put together a comprehensive proposal explaining – in summary form – precisely how they will go about repealing ObamaCare and explaining the five or six pieces of legislation that would replace it. Republicans (and conservatives) have many thoughtful suggestions for reforming our dysfunctional health care system. It’s time they were presented as a complete package.

6. Every Chamber of Commerce in the country needs to conduct a survey to determine how the health care legislation will affect its member businesses. They need to report on the number of businesses that will postpone hiring or be forced into layoffs, as well as the number of businesses that will be unable to invest in job creation as a result of health care ‘reform’. Caterpillar Inc. reports that its health care costs will increase by over $100 million in the first year of ObamaCare. Whether large or small, it’s unlikely that Caterpillar will be the only business in America similarly affected.

7. The Tea Party movement needs to turn it up a notch and begin organizing like minded voters at the precinct level; voters who can then carry the Tea Party message door-to-door in their communities. In many ways, the Tea Party movement acts as the conscience of mainstream conservatism and its organizers have performed a valuable service by rallying opposition to the ill conceived policies of the Obama administration and its collaborators in Congress. As they continue their non-partisan voter education efforts, I also hope they will decide to publish a voter guide that will explain each candidate’s background and positions on key issues. Exposing the views and voting records of Congressional Democrats will go a long way toward unseating them in November.

8. The Republican Party needs to get serious about recruiting candidates who can defeat incumbent Democrats in 2010. Allen Boyd, the panhandle Democrat who represents Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, voted for Cap and Trade in 2009 and for health care reform on Sunday. According to insiders, Boyd believes he can get away with this because the Republican candidates who’ve filed to run against him are not seen as especially strong and haven’t been able to raise much money. With the filing deadline for Congressional candidates at the end of April, the Republican Party is quickly running out of time to recruit competitive candidates. It’s time for the Republican National Committee to step into the breach and guarantee adequate funding in the General Election for any quality candidate willing to take on a Blue Dog.

A lot of things can happen between now and November and Democrats are counting on being able to engage in just enough obfuscation, pandering and demagoguery to maintain their majority in Congress.

For those conservatives who want to turn the Democrat’s out of office now is the time to pitch in and get involved. Sitting on the sidelines while waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting won’t do anything to move the needle come Election Day.

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  1. Look it seems that the Tea Party is the Al qaeda of political parties, a bunch of loosely affiliated individuals dedicated to bringing down this administration. Furthermore, judging from the price of a ticket one must admit that it is no real grassroots movement, but rather a hijacked movement. I saw this article that demonstrates why this movement will fail to accomplish its goals, I think if you are a tea partier you should read:


    • Saw Rick Santelli's Tea Bag "rant" on live TV and thunk about time! (On the way to work, used to walk past Paul Revere's house and the site of the "Liberty Tree" under which the original Tea Party was planned. 4th great granddaddy joined Knox's artillery outfit. Have a tin of "Boston Harbour Tea" from the original co. Of humorous note is the side of the tin which has a petition from the company to the King for compensation for its loss - early "bailout"?) By the time Washington showed up, the rag-tag militias (Tea Party types with elected officers.) had whupped the professional Brits a bit and bottled them up in Boston to be followed by Knox hauling cannon up to Dorchester Heights and scaring them out of town. Moral of the story: Sometimes the "Tea Party" does win.
      Attended the "Tea Party" here at the Landing - lot of independents, innocents, and "real" Republicans waking up to the mess.
      Will the Kurt Waldheims of the world try to hijack the parade? Sure. The politicos always want a shot at being on the wining side. (Semi-humorous: Once watched Mayor Hazouri and Council Members hijack the lead of a "Support Our Troops" parade from the VFW. Only one Council member got out of the convertibles and walked with the Vets.) Our shadowy "Non-Group" here in Jax has had considerable control over the bush league junior Waldheims of local politics. The Democratic Party has essentially been hijacked by those "educated" (Indoctrinated) in the fashionable Marxist doctrine of the 1960's.
      Will the "Tea Party" win? Dunno. Hope so. Could splinter Republicans. Perhaps years of "motor-voter registration", early voting, provisional ballots, felon rights, and an ever expanding population of government employees and welfare generations will overwhelm it.
      Interesting to watch......

      Dean S. Bird

    • >Look it seems that the Tea Party is the Al qaeda of political parties, a bunch of loosely affiliated individuals dedicated to bringing down this administration.

      You say that like it's a bad thing.

  2. Well, anything that keeps the flame alive until November can burn down the Dems. healthcare catastrophe. Many citizens don't have time or motivation to be major party people, but Tea Parties allow a wide range of people to contribute to the "REPEAL" scene on their way to the ballot box. Personally, I've not met many people who consider themselves "politically active", but many do like what the Tea Party does and what it stands for and will "vote to repeal", by voting NON-Democrat. You know it's true.

  3. Firstly, let me commend your clearness on this subject. I am not an expert on this subject, but after studying your article, my understanding has improved well. Please allow me to snatch your rss feed to stay in touch with any inflowing updates. Fabulous job and will pass it on to supporters and my blog followers.

  4. >Dave says:
    March 29, 2010 at 1:20 pmLook it seems that the Tea Party is the Al qaeda of political parties, a bunch of loosely affiliated individuals dedicated to bringing down this administration. Furthermore, judging from the price of a ticket one must admit that it is no real grassroots movement,

    To the contrary, the fact that no national leader organized this group of citizens, the fact that they've formulated without Party financing, and encompass a wide spectrum of the political spectrum (Republican, Democrat, Independents. . .) ESTABLISHES the Tea party as a grassroots movement.

    The goal is not to "bring down an Administration, but to cause those policies in which they disagree to fail. You say this like it's treason, when it if fact delineates the difference between Our Founding principles and say: "tyranny".