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The Jacksonville Observer Presents: School Board Debate Wednesday at 5pm

school-board-debateTune in to today's Jacksonville Observer Radio Show at 5pm for a special Duval County School Board candidate debate.

The debate will be moderated by Tom Patton and will feature three of the four candidates currently in the running for Duval County School Board, District 6.

Candidates Becki Couch, Gary Oliveras and Tom Baine will join us for this debate.  Candidate Eric Smith is traveling and will be unable to participate.

To learn more about these candidates, visit their websites:

- Tom Baine
- Becki Couch
- Gary Oliveras

Today's show will be presented with limited commercial interruption, giving the candidates more time to answer questions and discuss the issues that are important to all of us. The Jacksonville Observer is proud to sponsor this debate because we feel it will allow voters to take an early look at an important race that will appear on the August ballot.

If you have a question for the candidates, call in during the show at (904) 854-1320.

If you can't get to a radio in time, listen to the debate online at http://www.1320wbob.com.

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  1. Great job by all candidates in the debate. I was a bit suprised by candidate Oliveras. He was at my church several weeks ago, and he seemed as if he was against candidate Couch's proposal to have more faith based organizations involved in the mentoring of our children.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I am in favor of faith based organizations (FBO's) in our schools. My point was that Ms. Couch has repeatedly made comments at campaign events saying she, if elected, will work to form 50 such partnerships. The truth is there are currently 167 such partnerships within the school district, and the district has been actively seeking additional partners for several years now. Ms. Couch suggests this is a new idea of hers, and it clearly is not.

      • Have any other school board members ever worked in partnership with any organizations to increase mentors. I think that a school board member working to increase mentors is a good idea. I have heard both of you speak several times, and I didn't ever hear her imply that this is a new idea. I don't think that any one believes mentoring is a new idea, but my son attends Ed White, and they are constantly asking for mentors. I think that someone who has the name recognition of a school board member has a great opportunity to build relationships between our community and our schools. I alson know that it appears no current school board member is doing this.