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Boy Becomes YouTube Sensation by Accident

ST. LOUIS -The power of a viral video is immeasurable. It can make someone like Susan Boyle a household name and a cute kid, like Josh Sacco, a star overnight.

He's the now five year old from Nashville, Tenn., who memorized every single word of Herb Brooks' speech from that famous 1980 Olympic hockey gold medal game.

The thing is he's just now learning to read and count by two's.

"Two, four, six, eight 10," Josh demonstrates.

"I was 13 when the 80's Olympics happened, so it was a big part of my life," explained Josh's dad Jim Sacco. "So when the movie ("Miracle") came out in '04 and Josh was born in '04," he said.

Let's just say Josh has seen the movie more than once.

"Like 100," Josh clarifies.

But neither his mom nor his dad expected him to be able to recite the speech dead on.

"Not just that, but the way he said it cause he took what Kurt Russell had done in the movie as Herb Brooks and he did it perfect. The inflection and facial expression," Jim Sacco said.

So of course, his dad had to tape it.

"I had to show it to my family. So instead of having to make 15 DVDs for them we stuck it up on YouTube and we didn't even know if we had it on right to be honest with you," Sacco said.

The next thing you know Ellen was calling.

"I was actually in a meeting in Chicago and I get a phone call I'm so and so from the 'Ellen DeGeneres' show. I'm like yeah, right," Sacco said.

"Um, she was funny," Josh added.

Funny and generous, considering she sent the family to the Olympics.

"That was awesome!" Josh said.

He even got to go to dinner with the entire U.S. hockey team.

Hopefully, thanks to plenty of pictures and lots of videos he might remember all of this.

"We get requests all the time, what are you doing next, what speech are you doing next, we're probably not going to do any unless he likes some movie. It wasn't our goal to do that," Sacco said.

So chances are, it was a one time thing and a reminder that some of life's greatest moments happen by accident.

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