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Local GOP Gives ‘Red’ to Help Save Lives

blood-busDozens of Republicans gathered at the party's Duval headquarters on Saturday for a blood drive called I Give Republican Red

The event resulted in 28 Republican donors giving a pint of blood each.

"Everyone had a great time and got over their nerves, as all but 3 people were first time givers," said Peret Pass who organized the event on behalf of the local GOP.  "It was awesome to see people get over their fears in order to give to someone else.  I can tell you, I personally got myself all worked up."

The local drive was inspired by a similar effort organized through the Republican National Committee in cooperation with the Red Cross.

"Once again our volunteers answered the call of duty. I could not ask for a more committed and giving group of people," said Duval County Republican Chairman Lenny Curry. "We are doing our part to make Florida a 'red' state again."

Chairman Lenny Curry, donating more than just his time for the cause...


Precinct Committeeman (and Observer blogger) Jim Davis flashes a thumbs up...



More photos from the drive are available on Facebook.

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  1. Thank you Peret for the vision and seeing it through! But we can do better than 28!!!! Let's do it again in a few weeks! Peace, Melinda