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Mullaney Launches Mayoral Bid

mullaneyNo fooling. On April 1st, General Counsel Rick Mullaney made it official that he will be a candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville.

Yesterday, Mullaney's name appeared on the Supervisor of Elections website as a filed candidate, joining nearly a dozen others who've taken the plunge. The most serious of whom are Councilman Kevin Hyde, Audrey Moran and Tax Collector Mike Hogan.

Mullaney grew up in Jacksonville and graduated from Forrest High School. He attended the University of Florida and spent his early years in the legal profession doing business litigation with Carlton, Fields, a law firm of more than 100 lawyers, before joining the State Attorney's Office for the Fourth Judicial Circuit.

Mullaney joined the city's General Counsel's Office in 1991, serving as Chief of the Tort Litigation Department until being named Chief of Staff by former Mayor Delaney in 1996. Eventually he was appointed as General Counsel in 1997.

While Mullaney is the latest entry in the 2011 mayoral sweepstakes, the field is far from set. Councilwoman Glorious Johnson is expected to announce her intentions next week -- and we are likely only days away from newspaper publisher Jim Bailey's entry into the race as well.

What's causing the sudden flurry of announcements? It's calculated timing. The election cycle's quarterly fundraising period ended on March 31, so any candidate who enters the race now will have a full three months to solicit campaign cash before they have to show their hand in early July.

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  1. One word - "SHIPYARDS"

  2. The Shyipyards deal will sink both Mullaney and Moran as it was their creation.

    Go Mike Go!

  3. Moran? What did she have to do with the Shipyards?

  4. What does Mullaney have to do with the Shipyards?