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Leaders Have Seminole Deal to Take to Lawmakers

Legislative negotiators have reached a five-year gaming pact with the Seminole Tribe, the Miami Herald-St. Petersburg Times Tallahassee bureau reported late Friday night, though the plan still needs full legislative approval.

The $1.5 billion deal would give the tribe exclusive rights to operate table games in South Florida and put slot machines in its other casinos outside Miami and Broward Counties.

Rep. Bill Galvano told the Herald that he spent Good Friday in talks with the tribe, negotiators from the Senate, and from Gov. Charlie Crist's office, and the parties reached a deal House and Senate leaders feel they can take to lawmakers.

The deal would also have to be approved by the tribal council.

The tribe would pay the state $150 million in the first two years and more in the out years for exclusive rights to offer black jack at two casinos in Broward and casinos in Immokalee and Tampa.

All seven of the tribes casinos would continue to operate Las Vegas-style slot machines and make payments to the state for 20 years under the deal, the newspapers reported.

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  1. None of the parimutuels that have been paying the state for many years were invoved in these meetings. I realize that the Seminoles have paid the Governor an obscene amount of money. But, the Seminoles do not represent the indians on the reservation, they only represent the casinos private business interest.

    This was nothing more than a business meeting with politicians being paid for their attendance. The parimutuel interests cannot compete moneywise with the Seminoles for the politicians notice, since the Seminoles have been allowed to reap all of the money for the last few years. If this was being done for the people of Florida, all of the parimutuels would be given the right to have full blown casinos all over the state.

    Florida would get a lot more money and the rewards would be spread all over the state with a lot more people than just one group that has paid the governor. The parimutuels have been promoting Florida long before this governor started taking money from the tribe. I wonder if this has made him ultra wealthy yet?