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Johnson Joins Mayoral Fray

gloriousJacksonville City Councilwoman Glorious Johnson will officially announce her candidacy to become Jacksonville’s next mayor in front of the Downtown office of the Duval County Supervisor of Elections at 11:30 AM on April 8th, following the completion of her candidacy filing.

Johnson becomes the first major Democrat to enter a race that already includes five Republican heavyweights: Audrey Moran, Kevin Hyde, Mike Hogan, Rick Mullaney and Jim Bailey.

The daughter of a local grocer and school teacher, Johnson was born and raised in Jacksonville. She received her bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville University and holds postgraduate degrees from Columbia University Teachers College and Nova University.

“I decided to run for mayor because the people of Jacksonville deserve something better," Johnson said in a released statement. "Consolidation created a grand vision of the city that is still an elusive dream 42 years later. Every four years, candidates drag out the same old ‘vision’ and kick it around, only to be forgotten until the next election. Today, we stop talking and start acting.”

Before being elected to the City Council as a Republican in 2003, Johnson served as a teacher in the Duval County Public School system. She was re-elected without opposition in 2007 and will be term-limited out of office next year.

Johnson ruffled many feathers in 2009 when she announced she was switching parties.

"I changed from Republican to Democrat because from the first time I decided to run for office, the party elite has done everything to me but kill me," Johnson responded in a JaxOutLoud forum discussion about her decision. "Now, my own community is being destroyed by the administration. When millions of dollars have been sent to revitalize your community and you are told that no one knows where the money is. Enough is enough!"

"These past five years have been a living hell," Johnson said of her time as a Republican.

As a councilwoman, Johnson has frequently clashed with the mayor’s office and has fought to repeal the city's Storm and Wastewater fees. According to her campaign, her platform will include "the reduction of unnecessary administrative positions, the reform of the general counsel’s office, the repeal of unnecessary fees, a true and open audit of Jacksonville’s expenditures and respecting Jacksonville’s historic character while turning Jacksonville into an example for consolidated cities all over the country."

Johnson's campaign will hold kickoff party on April 15th, 2010 between 6:30 and 8:00PM at Five Points Theater on Park Street.

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  1. Gloria,
    I met you at an Andy Johnson outing last year. We have our picture together on Andy's facebook page.
    You have my vote!! I do the genealogy and they call me Daytona Gerri.

  2. I might have voted for Ms. Johnson if she had switched to being an Independent or Libertarian. But I simply cannot trust anyone with the public treasury who would call herself a Democrat, when the Democrats have shown that they will outspend the Republicans by at least three times as much.

  3. How refreshing to have an educator running for Mayor. Those who say Democrats outspend Republicans have a memory problem of the past eight years when Republicans ran through a federal budget surplus.
    Republicans got us into this recession with lack of supervision of our financial institutions. It is no surprise that Jacksonville Republicans cannot account for money spent on the new court house.
    Why can't we use one of the abandoned office buildings down town for a new court house? We don't need marble floors and lavish office decor. Where has all of our tax money gone for a building yet to be built? Another issue is why are we cutting our classroom teachers in Duval county when we should start with all of the extra staff at the School Board office? If there is a budget shortfall, we should terminate the numerous consultants and curriculum advisors, numerous secretaries, and people standing around the coffee cart at the School Board office. Have you beem down there to see the numerous people just walking around the building, trying to look busy? They keep requiring classroom teachers to fill out numerous reports to be sent back to the School Board. This takes teaching time away from our teachers, but I guess it gives the School Board folks someting to do
    with their day. Insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different result.

  4. Sorry, Glorius, you are NOT the answer. "Five years of living hell"? No ma'am, the US taxpayers are currently undergoing a living hell. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin, it has everything to do with YOU.

  5. Glorius, spare me the effort. Chances, something akin to the snowball bit.

  6. I am Not sure who i want for our next Mayor but i am sure i will not vote for a tax and spend democrat. I know i don't want another Peyton either. And as Wade said "Sorry, Glorious, you are NOT the answer"

    • Why do you think Councilwoman Johnson is a "tax and spend" Democrat. If anything, the only people taxing and spending in Jacksonville are the Republicans. Look at Clay, he is one of the only Republicans speaking out and he is vilified by the power players in the party and was fought all the way in his first election.