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Officer Bitten by Protective Pig

MONROE, Ohio - Patrolman Eric Walton first spotted the suspects eating grass in someone's front yard.

When they saw him, "they took off running," he said. "They knew I was the law."

Tuesday's pursuit of two black pot-bellied pigs was one of the most memorable of Walton's 18-year career with Monroe police.

Although one of the pigs bit him, Walton was uninjured - except for becoming the butt of cop-versus-pig jokes after the incident.

When a township resident called police around 8:45 a.m. to report pigs running loose, dispatcher Dan Rose said, "I paused for a minute, thinking, 'What?'... I thought I was hearing things for a second."

Then Rose called for Walton to handle the situation.

With help from other officers, "we were able to get the little piggies corralled into a front yard," Walton said.

That's when one of the porkers bit his shoe. Then the animal "stood up on its hind legs, latched onto my knee and wouldn't let go," Walton said.

As the pig squealed and made a ruckus, Walton asked for help from a fellow officer but "of course, he's over there, cracking up," Walton said.

Officer Bobby Sparks did come to Walton's aid. He got a rope from a neighbor and used it to lasso the pig. "You should have seen him in action," Walton said.

The pig that attacked Walton was a male, and was apparently being protective of his pregnant girlfriend, Walton said.

Police returned the animals to their owner, Donald J. Woods, 31, who lives nearby. Walton also gave Woods a court summons for failure to keep livestock contained on property. Woods couldn't be reached for comment.

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  1. Looks like a barbeque Friday nite at the lodge!