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California Democrat Seeks to Repeal Law Against Homosexuality

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - In 1950, California passed a law requiring mental health officials to find a cure for homosexuality. Six decades later, that law is, strangely enough, still on the books.

Now, a Southern California assemblywoman wants to repeal that obscure law back into the history books - permanently.

"It's absurd and it needs to go. Sixty years is long enough," said Long Beach Democratic Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal.

Lowenthal has introduced a bill to repeal section 8050 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, which declares that "the State Department of Mental Health shall plan, cunduct and cause to be conducted scientific research into the causes and cures of sexual deviation, including the causes of homosexuality."

Many in the gay community are surprised such a law still exists, but many want it gone.

"It's truly offensive, a law from a bygone era that is utterly discriminatory," said Mario Guerrero of Equality California.

Lowenthal said she's moving the repeal through committees and hasn't seen any opposition.

"It has no place in our code books today," Lowenthal said.

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