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Crist Raises $1.1 Million in Quarter, $10 Million Total

cristThe Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate Campaign today announced that the campaign has over $7.5 million cash on hand, having raised over $1.1 million in contributions this quarter and bringing the total amount raised to over $10 million.

“We are so thankful for the broad support we continue to receive from Florida voters,” said Crist Campaign Manager Eric Eikenberg. “Even with a limited fundraising program this quarter due to the Governor’s busy work schedule during session, we were still able to raise a tremendous amount of money."

Crist's main rival in the Republican race, former House Speaker Marco Rubio, banked over $3.5 million for the same quarter.

"We look forward to continuing to educate voters about the differences in this race between a true public servant and someone who uses public office for private gain," Eikenberg added. "We are grateful we have the resources to get out the Governor’s message of less taxes, less spending, and more freedom.”

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  1. "...the Governor’s message of less taxes, less spending, and more freedom."

    That's total bs. If Crist is for less taxes, less spending and more freedom, how come he actively campaigned for the Obama Stimulus Package?

    Crist is a jerk. Vote Rubio!!

  2. Gov. Crist raised 1.1 million true, but his worthy conservative opponent raised 3X's that amount.

    Marco Rubio raised $3.6 million dollars this quarter. Charlie and Marco have about equal to spend in the primary so this article is misleading. (who knew?)

    Right now Marco's poll numbers beat the sitting governor of Florida, in his own party and by over 20 points.

    Floridians need a man with moral courage who is a fighter to send to Washington D.C.; that man is Marco Rubio hands down.

    Here's what George Will had to say today in the Washington Post. This is also in the Florida TImes Union editorial page today.