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Solantic’s Rick Scott Launches GOP Gubernatorial Campaign

scottRick Scott, healthcare industry executive and founder of the Jacksonville-based Solantic chain of clincs, announced today that he will be running for Governor of Florida as a Republican. Scott is also the founder of Conservatives for Patients' Rights (CPR) which advertises against expanding the government's role in regulating the healthcare system.

In the face of record-high unemployment, 40% of all Florida mortgages being underwater, and the first population decrease in decades, Scott vowed to use his "proven skills as a successful businessman" to lead the state in a new, conservative direction and into a prosperous future.

“The professional politicians have failed us at every level. Forty percent of Florida homeowners are underwater on their mortgages, unemployment is at record highs and our state budget is a mess. Worse, there is no plan being offered to bring about economic growth,” said Scott. “It’s time to fight back and hold our government accountable. Together, we can turn Florida around!”

With his national network of supporters through CPR and significant personal resources to help get his campaign off the ground, Scott will attempt to break his way into a race that has long been dominated by Attorney General Bill McCollum and State Senator Paula Dockery.

Scott's campaign launched a website and several web videos earlier today. One of videos is a 30-second television ad called "Accountable" -- which his campaign will soon begin airing on Florida stations.



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  1. i cant see how any floridian can vote for a republican. we've had republican controlled house, senate and governorships for over 10 years and their policies continue to destroy everything that makes florida great.

    at least the republicans will all beat up on each other..now only if i was excited about sink

    • Isn't it time we actually listened to what a person is saying? Or are we too comfortable being led around by the nose ring. Hurts my head to try to keep up with who is in what party when in these times, getting the best person is so critical.

  2. Count me in! Go for it!

  3. Charlie is/was a huge mistake, let's try Rick.

  4. I'm excited to have a business man wanting to run for office. He is wealthy enough to not need special interst groups and try to do what right for our state.

  5. Christ, McCollum, Dockery, and others now in charge are Polititions. By definition they make decisions based on thier own interists. We need Statesman who will disreguard thier own best interests, and make decisions based on the needs of the entire state. I believe our best chance is to support the new person.
    good luck Mr. Scott, we need people we can trust, and will tell it like it is, wether I like it or not.

  6. Please be who you say you are. Am so tired of the lying. I just long for someone who is truthful and loves our Country and State.

  7. Please learn the truth. Join the facebook group "People Opposed to Rick Scott for Florida Governor". Help us spread the word that Rick Scott is by no means an "accountable" person!!!

  8. Well at least Rick Scott has experience cheating taxpayers out of money when he was CEO of CHA and overbilled the government millions of dollars in Medicare billing. Watching teabaggers like Scott screw up McCollum's race is beautiful.

  9. I agree with what Susie says if he is the same Rick Scott that was involved with beginning the HCA takeovers
    of hospitals to build an empire and was later faced with some very difficult legal problems. If this is the same
    man I remember from Houston's Springbranch hospital, he is NOT the one we want for governor.

  10. He sent many of his jobs from Solantics to India and still has a lot of his work done there. Great way to help Florida and the American working people who lost jobs.

  11. Isn't Solantic a foreign registered LLC? If so, why an out of country corporate status?
    For-profit health care and excessive executive earnings may be good business, for supermarkets and car companies, not for health care.