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My Thoughts on Taxes, Tea Parties, and Free Speech

patton-postLike millions of Americans, I filed my taxes this week. I handed the envelope to the guy behind the post office counter and watched him postmark it. It was about 10 in the morning, so I’m sure it would have been fine, but I just like to see it. Nobody wants trouble with the IRS.

I didn’t feel particularly patriotic handing over the form, but then I have a small refund due, and I’m sure I’ll wait a month and a half to receive it. Nor did I feel particularly patriotic looking at the withholdings every couple of weeks when I was getting a regular paycheck. It just was. I had an accountant prepare my taxes this year, and I’m sure he found every available, legal deduction. I don’t imagine I’ll feel particularly patriotic about paying taxes on my meager unemployment compensation, either… but I’ll pay it.

Taxes just are. Death and taxes, the old saying goes. Taxes are necessary for the essential functions of government. But at all levels, from our city government to the federal morass, there are differences of opinion about what those core, essential functions of government are. They change with changing administrations, which makes them a moving target.

You probably know taxes are used for social engineering. Home ownership is a good thing, so mortgage interest is deductible. I have a mortgage, so I think that’s a good thing. Kids are expensive, but required for the future workforce (if there’s any work), so there’s a tax credit for children. Congress offers tax breaks for things it thinks are important. This administration has talked about tax credits or breaks for alternative energy production, for instance, because it thinks we should develop alternative energy and tax breaks are one way to make them competitive with fossil fuels. Previous administrations have lowered taxes on businesses, which they said would encourage business growth and new jobs.

What has been fairly well proven is that lower taxes usually means higher collections by the Treasury because people generally will try to shelter less if the rates are lower.

Others think that "the rich" -- which again is a moving target -- should pay more because they have more to give. Through it all, we have come to have a federal tax code that is by most accounts incomprehensible. If you call the IRS with the same question more than once, you’re likely to get different answers from different advisors.

Still, I know that paying taxes is necessary. Some disagree even with that premise, but it’s how our system is currently structured. However, reasonable people can disagree as to who can best spend their money, and how much tax is necessary.

But disturbingly, on tax day this year, I noticed a lot of derision and vitriol directed at the folks holding “Tea Parties” around the country. These tea parties were organized by ordinary folks who are concerned about the business bailouts begun in the waning days of the Bush Administration and continued by President Obama. While the “Taxation without Representation” signs are something of a disconnect here, most of the rallies focused on the bailouts, which were begun under a Republican President and continued by a Democratic President and approved by a Congressional majority… and the mounting debt.  I’d think that would be a non-partisian issue, and one about which we should all be concerned.

Still, many of the people I’ve friended, or who have invited me to be a friend on Facebook, made snarky comments on Wednesday about the tea parties, and I’m not sure why. Whether or not you agree with their premise or effectiveness, the Constitution guarantees everyone the right of peaceable assembly. The tea parties are speech, protected by the First Amendment. They were not “Republican” events, and I don’t imagine that the people who attended were all kooks any more than people attending any such event, regardless of political bent. Every movement or cause attracts an element that is perhaps outside the mainstream, but there are also people who are genuinely concerned about the issue.

These “Tea Parties” were grassroots movements. They were not organized by a political party. Sure, conservative talk radio and the blogosphere played a role, and the participants were mostly self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives. But what is disappointing is that some seem to think free people peaceably assembling to promote a cause are stupid or narrow-minded or simply wrong just because they happen to disagree with the cause.

Or at least, that’s the impression they convey.

People of both political persuasions are guilty. It seems like these days neither side has a corner on the sanctimony or snarkiness market.

So, if paying your taxes makes you feel patriotic, good for you. Seriously. I’m not there yet.

I’d like to see a better accounting of how government at all levels is spending my money. And even though I know we have the lowest tax rates of any industrialized nation, I’m not a big proponent of sending in a larger percentage (when I have some to send again), without that accounting.

I mean, is that really so much to ask?

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  1. well tbh the tbaggers for the most part are republicans they can claim other wise all they want but when you have republicants speaking at there for profit functions for huge paydays hmmz taxs are almost fair we need to raise the rate on the rich towhat it was in the 70's or so when it was high and to bad if they cry how many boats carshouses do they need vacations iv never had one all i do is build the world you silver spooners live in tbh all liebag republicants need to gtfo of my country bush did this all to lay blame any place else is foolish his 2 fake wars his tax breaks for the rich hmm spend more take less in oh then steal our freedoms then put neocons on the supcourt loloh and under bush gas went from 1.60 to 3.90 also he killed the doller as the euro went right by sad rly that noone see's the simple truth but thats fine ill vote for b.o again 4 more years and he will have it about fixed why well dems run gov better then control freaks/republicans there best left to cheat on there wifes and leave there states with no clue as to where they are or in arestroom trying to pickupa man and yeah the list goes on reagan was the start of the fall and its only got worse and thats all republicans fault 100%

    • sigcia must be unhappy that the local ACORN office is being shut down as he probably will have to start using the library in order to post his rants.

  2. America first, Tea Party second, "real" Republicans third, "real" Democrats fourth. add a couple of Libertarians, and dump the rest of the lying, cheating, self-interested thieves in the harbour!!!

  3. The premise of this column is that the Tea Party types are just a grassroots movement. (Even Jerry Holland indicated as much.) The facts (well documented by much better known and respected sources than the Jacksonville Observer) are that the Tea Party movement is bankrolled by big money from right-wing sources like the Koch Foundation (or Koch Industries), which funds Americans for Prosperity, and other right tilting corporations. Curiously...and laughably...Koch is now trying to distance itself from the Tea Party, claiming it never funded it. By some perverted semantics, they funded Americans for Prosperity...which organized Tea Parties, but they didn't directly fund Tea Parties, so they didn't fund the Tea Parties.