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Rocker, Reality Star Bret Michaels in Critical Condition

bret-michaels-814Bret Michaels has been rushed to the hospital with an apparent massive hemorrhage.  Few details are known at the moment as to the rocker's condition, though he did have his appendix removed earlier this month.

Michaels' music career began with the creation of the band Paris in 1983. After several lineup changes the band was renamed Poison, they moved to Los Angeles and became one of the biggest glam metal bands in the world. Poison has released nine studio albums and scored many hit singles, though they have failed to recieve much radio play since the early 1990's. Their most recent original album, 2007's Poison'd!, reached number 12 on the U.S. Rock chart.

In more recet years, Michaels has traded his rock fame for reality television stardom.

In February 2007, VH1 announced that Michaels would star as the bachelor in the reality television dating competition series called Rock of Love. Jes Rickleff was the winner of the first season of the series, however, she announced during the reunion show that she and Michaels were not right for each other.

Michaels went on to star in the second season of Rock of Love, and another series called Rock of Love Bus in 2009. Even more recently, Michaels has been a competitor on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump.

Celebrity news website TMZ reported that the Poison front-man is in critical condition:

Michaels is reportedly in critical condition at an undisclosed hospital. According to the report, Michaels was suffering from excruciating headaches earlier in the day.

According to the report, Michaels underwent several tests -- including CAT Scans and MRIs.

The report claims it was determined Michaels suffered from a "subarachnoid hemorrhage" -- bleeding at the base of his brain stem.

Earlier this month, Michaels was rushed to the hospital after experiencing stomach pains -- he ended up having his appendix removed.

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  1. Your RIGHT GOD be with you while this young Man goes through intense medical care that he will not be the same from.

  2. The latest is that Bret is back in the hospital from "warning stroke". Whoa, I wish the best for him and his family and wish he recovers well.