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Republican Women Send Governor Crist an ‘Open Letter’

cindyRepublican Party leaders have been busy putting out statements since Governor Charlie Crist announced yesterday that he was dropping out of the Republican primary to run for U.S. Senate with no party affiliation.  Crist's move angered many within the party, who are now rallying around likely Republican nominee Marco Rubio.

Cindy Graves, President of the Florida Federation of Republican Women and Duval County's very own Republican State Committeewoman has written an 'open letter' to Crist on behalf of the FFRW. 


An Open letter to Charlie Crist

From Cindy Graves, President

On Behalf of the Leadership of the Florida Federation of Republican Women



The proverb: "Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman Scorned" (William Congreve, The Mourning Bride, 1697) originates from a tale of injustice and deceit and seems especially appropriate today.


With that in mind, most Republican women will look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in a whole new light.


The good members of The Florida Federation of Republican Women collectively spent hundreds of thousands of hours rallying voters to elect you in what we hoped would be a successful two-term run as our Republican governor. Since then, Republicans have watched the slow unraveling of the Crist myth occasionally stymied by your affable charm and the heavy-handed tactics of the Greer/Crist PR machine.


Within two years of your election, even adamant supporters began to develop misgivings about your leadership. Those uncertainties have morphed into outrage mixed with a peculiar sense of gratitude on this day.

No doubt, most Republicans will now thank you for your defection as most have felt honor bound by Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment in regard to you. Independent voters are a savvy and a highly principled group. I doubt they will be swayed by your new campaign as the "people's candidate".


The lack of integrity you have shown is astounding and has only become more aggressive since the first hint of it in 2008.


It is no secret that the majority of active Republican women leaders did not support John McCain in the Primary. All were stunned and disappointed when you endorsed McCain after having promised to stay neutral. As you know, we later went on to build the largest coalition in the country in support of the McCain/Palin ticket because that's what good Republicans do.


What became even more surprising to us later was that you unabashedly ceased to campaign for the ticket in any meaningful way once your bid for the vice presidential slot was captured by Sarah Palin. 


The beginning of the end came in February of 2009 when you and President Obama shared the infamous hug causing the FFRW - for the first time in our 60 year history - to issue a resolution outlining our displeasure over the actions of a sitting Governor.


You continuously ignored conservative principles by appointing liberal judges and causing a scandal over attempts to bully our National Committeewoman into unethically signing a Rule 11 letter so that your campaign could obtain a king's ransom from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.


Floridians have been treated with leaks of stolen documents that were used in vile and misleading attacks unleashed on your opponent that must surely be the most unscrupulous behavior ever exhibited by a sitting Governor upon another member of his Party.


I would caution the hard working members of Florida's teachers union to beware of false promises as they put their loyalties and considerable political clout behind a candidate whose only motivation is political expediency and can do little for Florida education as a U.S. Senator. Education was your job for the last four years.


As governor, you have shown a blatant disregard of even the most basic of campaign promises with today's final betrayal. You have provided proof positive that your political agenda will benefit no one but Charlie Crist and certainly not Florida's students.


Thank goodness you will be running on your record and we will all be free at last to really 'drive the discussion'.




Cindy Graves, President

On Behalf of the Florida Federation of Republican Women

5 Responses »

  1. must be a Christian, she sounds full of poisonous rage

    • I have never much cared for Mrs. Graves. I listen to her show pretty regularly with Chairman Curry and I dont think I have heard a well considered thought out of her so far. If she represents Republican women, than I am hanging around with a bunch of intelligent, lovely RINO's


  3. Mrs. Graves appear to have difficulty showing respect to the President, which, regardless of party, is a disgraceful way to behave. You can disagree with the President, but Mrs. Graves feels that a 3 second "hug" constitutes party betrayal? She seems to me to be nothing more than a bitter, bullying, frustrated kook. Mr. Crist is the governor of ALL Floridians, and has made some very tough calls - by chosing what is the correct thing to do. I can agree with Mrs. Graves on one of her comments, Independent voters savvy and a highly principled group, and sweetheart, not many Floridians are buying what you're selling.

  4. Well done, Cindy Graves. Charlie Crist is in the same RINO club as George Bush, Mel Martinez, Lindsey Graham and Juan McCann.... and RINO's are kissing cousins to Marxist Obama and his commie pals.