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Councilwoman Glorious Johnson Says Austin Cassidy is an ‘Evil’ Man

glorious johnsonIt is clear to anyone watching that Councilwoman Johnson has accomplished something rather amazing. She has created a coalition of left-wing Democrats and right-wing Republicans and Tea Partiers that is fueling her remarkable campaign for Mayor.

But that's a tough group to keep together and it gets really tough when votes like the Parvez Ahmed one come before the council.

Earlier today a friend forwarded me an email that has apparently been circulating around. It seems that Mayoral Candidate and City Councilwoman Glorious Johnson is upset with me because I said her explanation of her vote against Parvez Ahmed didn't make any sense.

But what could else she do? If she voted against the nomination, she risked alienating her Democratic base... but if she voted for the nomination she risked losing her cross-over appeal.

So Councilwoman Johnson decided to do both.

She stood up and said: “Look at us. Just look at us. We have separated ourselves from one another. This makes no sense.”

It sounded like she was preparing to launch a vigorous defense of Ahmed's nomination, but about half-way through her statement she turned on a dime.

“If he is on the commission it will polarize what we are trying to do on the commission,” Johnson said. “For that reason I will be voting against Mr. Ahmed’s nomination to the commission.”

Fellow Democrat John Crescimbeni shot right back at Johnson: “That’s probably the worst excuse I’ve heard.”

Republican Councilman and Mayoral candidate Kevin Hyde asked a logical question. Would Johnson have opposed Thurgood Marshall's nomination to the Supreme Court because it was controversial and a distraction?

Johnson never really responded to that and continued on to vote against Ahmed's nomination, much to the confusion of nearly everyone in the room.

Now she thinks I'm an "evil" man.

But what makes me evil?

Let's see Councilwoman Johnson's email...


Austin Cassidy is a Republican who writes the Jacksonville Obsever (Republican eNewsletter) This man is evil and he continues to attack me because I refuse to be a good little girl what an insult. The writing below was in a froum called Jaxoutloud.com.

Johnson then went on to offer up an excerpted section of a post I made on the JaxOutLoud forum several days ago.  The link goes directly to the original thread so you can read it all in proper context.

The part of my original post that Ms. Johnson failed to include in her message was the part where I said I may very well have voted against Ahmed too, but I'd have done it because of his ties to CAIR.

The part I'm putting in bold is the part of the message Councilwoman Johnson decided not to forward along to her friends.

Redman made it clear his opposition to Ahmed was based  entirely on religious issues that were totally irrelevant to the discussion.

Yarborough offered a well thought out statement on CAIR's ties to extremist groups, backed up with letters from the FBI, etc.

But..... Glorious Johnson's vote made absolutely no sense. She stands up and basically says that she's ashamed that we're even debating the nomination. And then says that she won't support the nominee because the controversy will distract from the work of the board.

So, are we to take it, that if the KKK promised to protest against the appointment of a black man to a city board that Councilwoman Johnson would oppose his nomination because the controversy would be a distraction?

(Note, clearly this is a more extreme example. Frankly, Ahmed's ties to CAIR do give me significant pause about his nomination. But if Councilwoman Johnson had the same concerns about CAIR, she should have based her vote on that and not on the argument she made.)

Ms. Johnson's email seemed to be going to a couple of dozen community leaders and even a few regular readers of the Jacksonville Observer, one of whom was kind enough to share the thread with me.

Anyway, the discussion continued and Councilwoman Johnson's most recent reply went on to defend her vote against Ahmed, saying that the whole thing was a contrived conspiracy to distract attention from the Waste Management vote and the garbage fee increase. 


What Mr. Cassidy, from the Jacksonville Observer, failed to understand is that by using Dr. Ahmed as a distraction, the no-bid (generational contract) with Waste Management passed as well as the doubled garbage fees/taxes passed.

I have spoken with high leveled people in Washington, New York, and the Pentagon regarding Dr. Ahmed, but I was waiting for some of my questions to be answered, if at all possible.

But, in the mean time, friends, neighbors, and relatives were spewing such mean spirited behavior towards each other over this nomination. In fact, I believe that there were others, with an agenda, who wanted this controversy to escalate so the real issues of a 3/4 billion dollar ("generational contract") no bid and doubled garbage fees, would nearly go by unnoticed. Had they not, they could have asked Ahmed to withdraw his nomination and re-nominate him in the future. But, Dr. Ahmed was not asked to withdraw nor did he offer to withdraw. Which begs another question. He is being displayed as a peacemaker. Would not a person's intent upon peace perhaps notice that the controversy surrounding him was not going to be conducive to creating peace in Jacksonville and may be causing greater problems?

I believe there are deeper issues of concern and we are only dealing with the face value of issues. I look deeper into situations. Maybe this does not fair with certain people. Is it wrong to care about our city, our state, and our country? What are we going to leave our children and their children? We must continue to fight for our liberty and freedom or else we will pay the price for loosing it.


The subject line of these emails, by the way, is "So-called Republican" -- apparently I'm being called a fake Republican by a Councilwoman who was elected twice as a Republican and then switched parties and re-registered as a Democrat last year. 

That makes about as much sense as Johnson's explanation of her vote during the Council meeting on Tuesday evening.

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  1. The only thing more laughable than Johnson running for Mayor is that her whack job strategist Diane Menendez was able to talk her into it. Johnson’s only hope at not becoming more of an embarrassment is that CVS stays open 24/7 so she doesn’t run out of her medication. Crazy as a loon, both of them!

  2. Thanks "what a Joke" - good comments.
    At one time, Gorious Johnson showed some promise. I wish now that she would promise to get out of politics.

  3. Once and awhile we need a Glorious Johnson around and about the halls of the politicos - a unique person somewhat unhampered by the restraints of political party proper-speak.

    • "unique", "unhampered"?

      This woman is a nut job. Think about it, she decides to vote against a nominee she thinks is fully qualified because he could be "divisive", but she has no problem showing up at a public gathering draped in a confederate flag.

  4. The first thing Ms. Johnson should do is hire a writing coach. Does she really believe she is qualified to be mayor when she cannot use correct spelling and grammar?

  5. Ms. Johnson is another example of ignorance in politics. She ranks right up there with Hank Johnson (4th congressional district of Georgia) who is afraid Guam might tip over and Corrine Brown who could not effectively articulate how to start a vehicle; remember the "go gator" speech on the House floor...how embarrassing! Oh my gosh!! All three of these individuals are black...therefore according to them I must be a bigot/racist...wrong! Ignorance, stupidity and illiteracy speak for themselves. We have to start voting for intelligent government representatives!!!


  7. Ed W, if you aren't a racist then why bring up Johnson and Brown to make your point? It could have been done just as easily with using former president Bush who was known for his lack of articulation or any number of bumbling politicians..... Instead you went for the Brown and Johnson. Notice that the people you brought up are in fact black. They aren't articulate enough for you, they are ignorant... What was your point again? Oh yeah, that's right, you aren't racist. Crystal clear on that one. =)

    As for Johnson she just looks like every other politician out there, talking out of both sides of her mouth. She is more worried about what people will think of her vote/position to even consider which vote is the right one (which would of course be her job). What else is new in the bold city of the south, or anywhere else in this two party silliness we call the United States?