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Lou Rose: Make No Mistake, It’s Still ‘Liberty or Death’

lou-postI know that I am the odd man out when I say I could care less about the Jaguars.  But given that, you must admit that professional football is a fantasy world where the players (Boselli and a few others noted exceptions) don't care anything about the town where their team happens to be located.  The Jaguars will play here, they will play in Detroit , they will play in Beijing if the money is right.  And pro-football aficionados get all excited about it, like they were a college team from their Alma Mammy.   This is also the problem with the Republican Party.  Put on the uniform and we will cheer for you no matter who you are.

That has to stop.  A republican is someone who believes in  Liberty and a republican form of government.  A republic is a form of government where the majority is constrained from doing things by a written constitution and where representatives (not leaders) are elected by the people, who retain all the power. People who do not ascribe to this philosophy are not Republicans and if they say they are they are lying to you.   People who do not support this type of government are not Americans either, because their allegiance is not to the Republic as is constituted.  They are the domestic enemies of our Republic referred to in the Constitution and need to be shunned and expelled (preferably bodily) from our party. This includes folks who do not act and vote as if they are Republicans.  

Do not be confused if I tell you that  the members of the Democratic Party also must support this type of government.   We are all republicans because that is the type of government we have established, a republic.  There are many issues that Republicans and Democrats can debate and disagree on, and many programs and policies that can be tried and judged on their merits.  But the type of government we are going to have is not open to debate.  That frankly is a non-negotiable issue for us, a life and death issue.   The fact is that both our parties are filled with individuals who have over several decades attempted to transform our republic into a collectivist state.  Now at last the call for Liberty is ascending and this will stop.  Make no mistake, it’s still “Liberty or Death.”

A life of Liberty is not easy, but it is sweet.  There is no Social Security with Liberty ; there is no health care with Liberty ; there are no government loans or bailouts with Liberty .  It’s pull yourself up by your bootstraps boys, and oh yes, you get to keep your money if you can earn it.  There are no seatbelt laws with Liberty, there are no cameras on every street corner with liberty, there is less crime with Liberty because everyone is heavily armed and the criminals are well…dead.   Liberty means being the actual head of your household, and if you can’t hold it together, Liberty means looking to your family, and your neighbors, and your church, because the government is not in the business of being your mama. Liberty means being on your own to do what you want, and sometimes doing the wrong thing and having to pay for it.  But in Liberty is also the motivation and the necessity to do great things and that’ is what makes it sweet.

The good ol' boys and gals down at the Tea Party are not going to have the wool pulled over their eyes.  They know what manure smells like.  The GOP cannot go on supporting the socialist, big government buffoons like Peyton, Crist and McCain.  Make no mistake,  the list is much longer than that.  When we say that we are a big tent, inclusive party, it means that we don't care what religion, sex, or color you are as long as you are for people being left alone to live their lives.  That goes for foreign policy too.  We can no longer accept villains who want to tax every transaction, and regulate our every movement. The time has come for government to step off or be stepped on.  The real republicans in this party are going make it happen, our ranks swelled by those who will not be lied to by power hungry elitists.    Screw football.  Let's talk about the issues, let’s talk about what Liberty means and what lengths we are willing to go to for our children to enjoy its fruits.

Louis William Rose is a political philosopher, writer, and the parliamentarian of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida.  You can contact him at louisrose@yahoo.com.

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  1. Atlas is shrugging....I do resent the GOP sending out e-mails on behalf of the jaguars to sell tickets. If they cant sell them on their own, then goodbye jaguars

  2. I am not really focusing on the REC support for the Jaguars. I have no problem withTteam Teal and I hope the Jaguars stay in Jacksonville. If I was rich beyond measure, I would buy box seats just so I could give the tickets away. My problem is with the people we support as Republicans that in reality are not Republicans, it is time for us to close ranks and repel boarders. I was just using the metaphor of professional football as an example. You know there is no college ball at UNF (why not?). Nevertheless If I had known what I know now, I would have attended THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! Now there's a team..Go Buckeyes!

  3. 1. I agree with your comments on football.
    2. I doubt many so called republicans will agree with you, in some areas yes but I doubt you'll find more than 10%.
    3. Good Luck, face down wind when you do this.

  4. Again and again Louis Rose tells the truth. If you have a problem with the truth then well... you have a problem. The truth is charley crist is a socialist and he must give back all the contributions from Republicans.

  5. Joined my national Tea Party....getting active politically while I still have a voice! I have found a political web site that allows everyone to fax Lawmakers for free. If you are interested in that kind of thing…check it out at http://AmericanVoice.Com.! Also great article I will come back!