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BP Stands for Big Polluter


Okay, I suppose that I just have less tolerance with oil spills than the next guy.  Instead of considering it second-hand smoke at a restaurant, I think of it more like someone defecating on my plate of lobster.

We also need a new word for this problem.  The original word to describe the spill that continues to be used is a “leak.”  A leak is defined as a dripping faucet, a “leak” in the garden hose or a “leak” in the roof; it is a drip that a large finger might stop.

Just for the sake of pure reason, let’s call the BP spill a “GUSHER.”

Stories are now appearing that the amount of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico may be five times greater than the last time we were updated.  But, rather than lowering an available special device down to the leak and actually measuring the exact flow, BP is using the old licked finger-in-the-air estimating technique.  Regarding this methodology, I heard someone at the barbershop say, “In the South, we call that technique a wild ass guess.”

BP’s response is:  “We are concentrating on stopping the leak.”

Listen folks, half of the damage is not visible, it is under the sea.  Thus, we are going to have to review what is happening miles below the Gulf to fully understand the depth of this problem.  By merely looking at this dilemma from the surface, we are truly not looking at the entire picture. This reminds me of the old phrase:  “If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it actually happen?”  In other words, if you do not start precisely measuring the flow of the oil spill until the second or third month, then did the worst spill in history actually happen?

Now, a New York Times story reports that residents in New Orleans actually smell the spill.  Oh, come on!

So, this supports my argument that this tragedy is worse than any of the “experts” will admit.  Why is everyone just talking and not fully investigating the depth of this problem?  Is it going to continue to be mere finger pointing at the expense of our environment and eventually our health, welfare and safety?

In the meantime, the world has not come to a complete halt and said, “THIS MUST BE FIXED!”  Well, I am pushing the proverbial panic button.  As Donald
Trump says so eloquently, “BP – YOU’RE FIRED!”

If by May 17, 2010, this leak is not stopped, the government must step in for a resolution.  The fox may not guard the hen house any longer.  It is time to give the Army Corp. of Engineers total control and for others to step back and see the results.  I am sorry but if stopping this leak is not worth the spending of one month’s of IRAQI WAR money ($1 billion), I don’t know what is.

This crisis reminds me of the Three Mile Island disaster in the 70's which resulted in the complete destruction of nuclear power in the United States. Do not expect another offshore oil well to be drilled in our lifetime.

The fallout of this debacle is beyond comprehension.  In fact, our governmental leaders have no clue what is about to happen.  When the general public finally realizes what has occurred, expect the governors of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana,Mississippi and Texas to lose their jobs. Our President of the United States and his leadership is very much needed now.  Otherwise, it could be another: “You are all fired!”

Be sure to watch the Saturday Night Live skit about BP's ideas for solving this problem.

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  1. One must wonder if a huge airliner taking off from JIA with 300 people, including the crew, suddenly falters at 500 feet and pancakes into a nearby shopping center. All 300 aboard are killed plus 150 people at the shopping center, now would there be a call to cease all commercial aviation? Ban shopping centers within twenty miles of an airport? Are you kidding? Other than the local impact, the crash would make the headlines for a few days and be soon "forgotten". In the meantime commercial airline service would be "business as usual". Just an unfortunate isolated incident.

    So now, why is there so much so called "upset" over the BP accident. There is no pattern of these accidents so one MUST assume like the plane crash it is isolated. Thus NO reason to prevent future oil drilling in the GULF or any other off USA shores area.

    I challenge anyone who can, emotions aside, explain the difference.

    Even now there is scant evidence the coastline will be effected. Katrina did far more damage than this spill probably will.

  2. Once this oil kills every living organism in the Gulf and wipes out the coastline of five states you'll see the difference.

    Using your airline scenario, the airliner would have to contain enough nuclear waste to leave Florida uninhabitable.

    For the sake of everything I hope you're right.

    But, given the misinformation campaign by BP, the government and all involved I expect you are wrong.

    Why will BP not allow an accurate calculation of the gusher amounts - because they are covering it up.

    The only way to save the Florida Keys is to stop the oil out at sea. It can never be cleaned up from the coral reef.

  3. Your airplane argument, Don, is plausible. 450 people dead as an isolated incident. You are right that it would make the headlines for a few days and then life goes on. However, the BP incident cannot be compared to an isolated plane accident. Sorry, but that's ridiculous. The BP incident is far different. Regardless of whether BP knew of the danger (that will be for the courts to decide), the effects from the "gush" of oil throughout the Gulf will have to be dealt with for quite awhile after BP is "back in the business" of doing what it does best.

  4. DONT CRY OVER SPILLED OIL - This is America, land of the free and home of the brave. We should not get in the way of corporate profits. We need the oil and they know how to get it. What's a little oil in the water going to do anyway. Just add a little vinegar and turn it all into salad dressing. But, make the BP Executives eat the first mouthful.