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Crenshaw Votes with ‘YouCut’ Program to Stop Federal Waste

Congressman Ander Crenshaw voted to eliminate a redundant $2.5 billion annual welfare program as the House cast its first vote under the new “YouCut” project.

“I’m happy to stand on the side of the American taxpayer and their strong desire to cut wasteful spending. Unfortunately, the majority of Democrats don’t see it the same way as evidenced by their vote to defeat this measure,” said Crenshaw, a Republican Deputy Whip. “Congress won’t solve Washington’s addiction to big spending in one fell swoop. However, we can move one step at a time to change Capitol Hill’s culture from spending to saving. We will fight on each and every week with this interactive project so everyone has a say in the best way to bring the federal budget under control.”

In its first week, project “YouCut” drew responses from 280,000 Americans who voted for their favorite federal spending cuts via the web and text. With over 81,000 votes, the first winning spending cut was a proposal to eliminate a "recently created, but unnecessary $2.5 billion annual welfare program."

The vote to cut the program lost 240-170.

A fresh round of spending cut options is now posted on the “YouCut” website at http://republicanwhip.house.gov/YouCut.

Individuals can log on to cast or text in their choice from a list of five proposed spending cuts.

Next Wednesday, they'll announce the winning favorite and repeat the process by taking another vote.

In the current round of voting, Americans can cast their vote for a favorite cut from the following five options...

  • Byrd honors scholoarships for a $42 million savings in the first year/$420 million over ten years
  • A proposed federal employee pay raise for $2 billion in the first years/$30 billion over ten years;
  • Suspension of federal land purchases for $266 million in savings the first year/$2.66 billion over ten years;
  • Terminate funding for UNESCO at $81 million savings in the first year/$810 million over ten years; 
  • Eliminate mohair subsidies at a $1 million savings in the first year/$10 million over ten years.

For a complete description of the "YouCut" program, see this video...

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