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Reader Poll: The ‘Lost’ Series Finale

Lost represents the best of what broadcast television and popular entertainment can be.

Certainly no show this decade has made better use of broadcast's bigger-than-basic-cable budgets and larger-than-premium-cable reach while maintaining an artistic integrity and intelligence that would make any outlet proud. How many shows even require thought, let alone encourage it?

USA Today's television critic Robert Bianco summed it up best: "From start to finish, Lost was exciting without being stupid, heartfelt without being sappy, funny without being arch or ironic, and pleasing to the eye (has there ever been a more visually stunning show?) without insulting the ears."

And now that it's all over, we want to know what you thought.  Did the ending satisfy you?  Did you feel too many questions were left unanswered? 

What's your take?  Vote in our poll and discuss in the comments section!

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  1. So they were dead the whole time? WHAT?

  2. No, they were not dead the whole time. How would they have known each other? The "sideways" timeline was them in the afterlife. The island was real.

  3. No they weren't dead the whole time, the island really happened but the alternate universe or pit stop to heaven was the waiting place until they all remembered their life that they all had on the island. They didn't die at the beginning, if they did they would never had the island to remember.

    • I think I got that same thing from the finale, but why did Claire's baby Aaron come to heaven as a baby, instead of as an older child?

  4. Why were there polar bears on the island?

  5. I liked it, but I want to know what happened to Walt and Michael!! I didn't see them at the church going to heaven!!!

  6. We guessed that Michael is a lost soul & will be haunting the island like the other voices in the woods. Walt probably got off early enough & hasn't died yet, he is still a kid. So he has no need to meet up. Some people are wondering about other mysteries, like the number...but we found out that those were just a random sequence of part numbers for the hatch.

  7. There were things that I thought could have been more clearly defined. For a moment after Jack closed his eyes, I sat there and wondered if they'd died in the original crash. I realized that was not the case and of course they'd survived the crash, but other questions were raised. For instance, the cryptic statement by Christian, "There is no 'now' here." made me wonder if the players went to the altverse and just waited for all the others to die before beginning the sideline. It would be preposterous for them to all go through that over and over every time someone else died. Maybe I'm looking at it in a linear way that just doesn't apply. It seemed to suggest that perhaps we are already in the afterlife with our loved ones even now. That would lend credence to the, "What ever happened, happened" theme that was pervasive in the series.

    In the end, I went to bed unsettled and unsatisfied and hoping for an epilogue episode that would clear a few things up.

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