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Joe Miller: BP’s ‘Top Kill’ or BP’s ‘Top Spill’

Can you hear it? The Silence?

This is the dead silence before what we know as a “Top Kill” is performed a mile underneath the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the world is holding its breath. This “never before attempted” (sounds like tightrope walking) method has been delayed over and over so that everything is just right.

One report stated that the odds of the “Top Kill” stopping the flow of oil are 50/50 at best. BP’s response is that the only real solution is drilling two new wells which will take at least until August. Today, BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, stated that the chance of success is better than some of his employees said on the record. He is giving the “Top Kill” method a 60% to 70% chance of success.

Oh I feel comfortable.

In my lifetime, I have witnessed television reports of the first space launch, the first man to orbit the earth, the Beatles arrival in the U.S., the moon landing, the first shuttle mission, the assassination of a President, several attempted Presidential assassinations, a half dozen wars and 9/11. Maybe in all, I have seen a total of twenty historic events.

Today’s attempt (if it really is today) by BP to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster will likely join these historical moments. It will result in total success or failure. And, if it ends in failure, we can only hope and pray that this means that the leak volume remains at the current spill rate. The reason that failure would not be listed as “total failure” is that the “Top Kill” may actually produce additional leaks that will increase the daily spill rate.

Even success cannot bring elation. We must not forget that no matter what the results, an unprecedented ecological Armageddon has been set in motion. Death and destruction will follow this massive globule of goo for years to come. Worse yet, American workers have been cheated of their livelihood, possibly forever. And, industries related to the the shore like fishing, tourism, boating and others may never recover.

I thought that BP should have been “Donald Trump Fired” a week ago and the Army Corp of Engineers brought in to save the day. This is something the Corp. has done (save the day) since the Civil War. Instead, our leaders have decided to wage their political careers on BP one final time.

If this “Top Kill” is not 100% successful, be prepared to see a public reaction unlike any reaction in history. GOOD LUCK TONY!

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  1. Do you really think an army corp of engineers could have done anything? If you do you have missed the complexity of the problem.

    • I had the opportunity to speak to a former Pacific Director of the Army Corp on Tuesday. I asked specifically if the Corp. could get it done. He said that it did not have the equipment but that its brain trust could assemble the talent and hardware to accomplish the project. I have no doubt that this is true.

      Don;t get me wrong, I hope and pray that the "TOP KILL" method is successful. I do not stand against BP or its talent. It is the length of time this has take and continued flow that must be addressed. I don't care if it is the Corp. - JUST FIX IT!

      What really amazes me is that if this had happened in the 60's or 70's a huge public outcry would have developed into a mass of marching protesters. WHERE IS EVERYONE? When the trillions of dollars of damage is finally done and evident, the individual anger will build into angry mobs. At that moment the lid cannot be put back on.