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New Girl in Town: Enjoying ‘Sex’ in a New City

Outrageous fashions, extravagant vacations and high spending took hold of the movie theaters this weekend. The long awaited “Sex and the City 2” premiered and women throughout Jacksonville flocked to their local theaters to catch a glimpse of the glamorous event.

I headed to Regal Beach Boulevard 18. A nicer theater compared to some of the dirtier ones I am used to back home in North Carolina.

For fear of not being able to snatch one of the sacred tickets before they sold out, I purchased my pass on fandango.com for last Thursday night’s showing.

I got ready and headed out for the cinematic adventure. Accompanied by my sister and two of her friends, we arrived only fifteen minutes prior to the show. We rushed in, happy to avoid the line at the box office. After showing our tickets, my sister took her stance in the concession line while I made a bee-line into the theater.

The whole drive there, I was fearful of not being able to find a seat, much less four seats together. However, once we were inside the show there seemed to be many seats available. I was able to get four seats together and immediately noticed the almost entire female crowd.

Ranging from infancy to mid-sixties, most women had used the occasion to put on their best clothing, in their attempts to match the actresses that graced the silver screen. Many wore summer dresses and others seemed to have come from their office jobs.

As I sat down and made myself comfortable by throwing my purse and jacket into the 3 seats to my left to mark my territory, the sound of laughter and chatter filled my ears from the women around me.

Conversation consisted of tales about one another’s day and excitement of the movie. It seemed not a single woman had come alone, if not with one best friend, each woman seemed to have multiple friends accompanying her.

The movie began and was all it was cracked up to be. Despite what you may have heard about the reviews, I happened to enjoy it. I doubt I will ever be able to afford the Christian Louboutin shoes or the perfect vacation the women of “Sex and the City” enjoyed, but the movie offers a rare opportunity for women to dream.

The six season show-turned-film mega-hit chronicled 4 women figuring out their lives and partners and the city of New York. As the show developed, their characters finally found love and happiness in the arrival of the first feature film, “Sex and the City” and now, its follow-up “Sex and the City 2.”

The film resonates so well with its female audiences because it captures the complexity and uniqueness of female friendships. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda have felt every emotion women can feel and dealt with every situation in jobs, relationships and finances that todays woman can face.

My friendships with other women are the ones I value the most. Whenever you feel the rest of the world walks out, it is a woman’s female friends are the ones that step in and know exactly what to do and say.

Women relate to one another in ways that men don’t seem to understand. On the college sphere, I can go out with my girls and not worry about a boy messing it up. Your girls are the ones who have your back and will get you through anything, laughing the whole way.

We all have the same emotions and for the most part, operate those emotions the same way. And “Sex and the City” embodies that concept, in an exciting and stylish concept.

Each character of the film reminds women of a woman in their own life. Carrie and the girls are unforgettable and beautiful and have their own distinct personality. And the characters of “Sex and the City” are always honest with one another.

As a woman, I know, when you find that kind of person, who tells you exactly how it is, with or without hurting your feelings, you hold onto them as tightly as you can.

So here’s to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda for showing us how to hold onto our valuable friendships; for teaching us not to be backstabbing and mean to one another; and to looking great while doing it.

And here’s to the women of Jacksonville. I salute you for coming out to the movie, laughing with me and enjoying time with “your girls,” as it is all too rare an event brings us all together and can entertain us at the same time.

Stay tuned for Friday's column when I try my hand at kickboxing!


Mary Elizabeth Robertson is a journalism student spending her summer on the First Coast. She'll be interning for the Jacksonville Observer and writing a twice-weekly column about her experiences called New Girl in Town. Look for it online every Tuesday and Friday.

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  1. Mary E,

    Rock on! I am jealous of your set up down there. Enjoy!

  2. I love your article. I felt this way when I was watching the movie as well. Who do you think you relate to the most on Sex in the City!

  3. Although I am upset that you saw this without me, great article 🙂 ILY

  4. Great job. Can't wait to read more. Hope you enjoy Jacksonville!

  5. Girl flicks, really some dufus stuff!

  6. Great Stuff! Can't wait to see the movie myself! Looking forward to more of your Jacksonville adventures!

  7. Welcome to J-town, Mary!

    Beach Blvd. Regal theaters is actually a huge dump.

    Go to Tinseltown or AMC in Regency or Orange Park. Tinseltown, near the St. Johns Town Center, is prolly the nicest theater.

    The Regal one you went to sucks though.

  8. I'm so glad the Jacksonville Observer is allowing special needs children to intern this summer. It looks to be a great experience for Mary. Great job J.O.!