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Wanted: New CEO for Major British Oil Company

I predict that BP CEO Tony Hayward will be fired within fifteen days.  This is just my prediction, but what else can a company like BP do?  After more than 30 days with no clear end in sight, they must begin Phase 4.  This is what I have termed the human sacrifice phase.

After Tony threw in the towel this weekend with a “TOP KILL” failure and his statement of “BP’s sorry for the oil spill and “Major Disruption,” BP must and will fire its CEO.

To add to the pressure of his removal will be this week’s BP stock plunge.  This is bound to occur.

What bothers me about this downward spiral of BP is that by the time we’ve placed blame on BP, the company will no longer exist.  Who is going to pay for all of this?

To give me confidence in the Obama administration’s handling of the disaster, Admiral Thad Allen (the man in charge) when asked about moving BP out of the way, asked the reporter back, “WITH WHAT?”  You are kidding me, right?

Surely the administration had the greatest minds working on alternatives to BP’s handling of the problem since the original explosion?  Or maybe the procedure book for oil gushing a mile under the sea is missing or even worse – lost?  Maybe the admiral just left his cue card at home that listed our government’s top ten alternatives to BP’s goofy plans?  If this is the best the admirals got, then add him to the list of oil spill casualties.

I don’t want problems – I want solutions.

In my world, I would want to sign up the most ambitious CEO and give him the task to get this gushing tower of oil under control.  Then I would let him create his “Dream Team” of experts from every field necessary.  Finally, I would place all government resources at his disposal.  This is not a job for government bureaucrats.

I pick Ross Perot.

In the mean time, let’s order plenty of feathers, we’ve got all the tar we need.

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  1. A Spill is like "I spilled my coffee." Even as recently as this morning, the New York Times is calling BP's gushing oil disaster a "spill." When are we going to start using ADULT WORDS that best defines this crisis.

    The coastlines of five states are positioned to be destroyed forever - by a mere spill. O.K., forever is a bit drastic. At least for the next thirty years.